Title: Bad News - The Hardest Part

Author: Rhonda Dossett Character: General Rating: G Spoilers: None Disclaimers: The normal disclaimers apply Feedback: Appreciated at dossett@azalea.net The hardest part is not the first few hours. It's later.   Much later. It's not the hospital. It's not the funeral. It's not seeing the headstones. The hardest part is when you turn to tell them something, and they're not beside you. It's not the empty desks. It's not the boxed effects. The hardest part is when you pick up the phone to call them, and you realize you'll never talk to them again. They've been gone four weeks. They've been gone a lifetime. Toby pretends that he's unaffected. Sam cries when no one watches. CJ doesn't talk anymore than necessary. Margaret keeps trying to save someone. The best part of Leo died that day along with them. The hardest part is now.