Title: A Friend In Need is a Friend Indeed 1/1
Author: Jess

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Aaron Sorking and The West Wing. He created these characters and they belong to him. The song belongs to Our Lady Peace titled "Life"

Summary: Josh talks about his father.

Josh had his feet resting in the window, with his chair tilted backward. It was a calm night, the stars lucid in the dark sky, the moon full and bright, the only sounds were rain drops hitting the window and his radio playing quietly on his desk. Josh leaned back in his chair, folding his hands under his chin as he rested his head and closed eyes to block out the radio. The soft light from the lamp in the corner making the small tears visible on his checks as they made there way down his face and onto his hands.


Josh quickly turned around at the sound of the voice behind him. The most unmistakable voice, a voice that kept you on your toes. "Mr. President." He quickly wiped the tears from his face as he stood and started walking around his desk.

"Please Josh stay seated."

Josh took his seat again on his couch, trying despartly to hide his face from the President.

"It's one o'clock in the morning, you should be at home." The president sat next to Josh.

"And shouldn't you be in the residence?"

"Don't fool with me Josh."

"Sorry sir." Josh turned to look out the window.

Bartlet nodded, "Really Josh, what's up?" He asked softly.

"Nothing sir. I was just thinking."

"Do you normally cry when thinking?"

Josh quickly turned and glared at the president. Bartlet sat staring back with his elbows on his knees and his hands clasped infront of him, antcipating what Josh would say. "Not all the time. Depends on what I'm thinking about."

"Want to tell me what your thinking about?"

"My father."

"Oh." Bartlet looked down at his hands. He knew how Josh felt about his father. He worshiped the man, during the campaign he remember how Josh would always say, 'I can't wait til' my father hears this'. His dad was proud of Josh and Josh loved making him proud. "What are you thinking about him?"

"I keep thinking about 'what if he was alive'. I always think about what it would be like to take him through the halls of the west wing, to show him my office, to introduce him to the president, to call him when I pass the bill on tobacco and guns. " Josh bowed his head slightly. "My whole life I wanted to make him proud and this would have made him proud."

"You've made him proud before Josh."

"Not like this. Few people get to do what I do. He was proud of Leo and his Job as Labour Secretary. He would've loved to have seen Leo, a good friend, as Chief of Staff and his son as his deputy. I would've loved to have seen his face at Innauguartion."

Bartlet reached out and put his hand on Josh's shoulder. "He was proud already, I know he was. Josh, I'm proud of you, believe me he was proud already."

Josh nodded and sat in silence for a few moments. "I remember the squariels," He chuckeled. "He used to chase the squariels with a broom every morning. He'd swear a little as he chased them over the fence for eating the bird seed. I told him they had things for that now, but he vowed not to spend money when he could 'teach' the squariels not to touch his bird seed."

Bartlet laughed, "Sounds like an amazing father. I would've like to have meet him."

"He was amazing, he always wanted to meet you." Josh laughed, "Not because he wanted to shake your hand, but because he wanted throtle you as it was your fault he doesn't have grandchildren."

"He sure wanted grandchildren didn't he?"

"Yeah, he wanted me to get married and have a granddaughter."

"I could see you with a daughter." The president smiled.

"Yeah I could take her to a Mets game, or a Knicks games."

"Then when she turned of age CJ could bring her into the sisterhood."

Josh started to laugh, and cry both at the same time. Bartlet put a hand on Josh's knee to try and comfort him.

"I miss him." Tears started coming down Josh's face. "I miss him a lot. When I lost him I lost what little I had left of Joannie. She was just like him in everyway and everytime I looked at my dad I could see her." Josh couldn't stop the tears, he quickly tried to rub them away.

Bartlet reached over and hugged Josh as he cried onto the president's shoulder. "I know you do Josh." Josh held on tight to the President, after all him and Leo were his fathers.

Josh pulled away after a few moments, a little embarrased by what happened. He started to wipe the tears away when he noticed the look the President gave him, it said everything. "Thanks." Josh smiled

"No problem Josh. It was my pleasure. Listen you don't have to feel embarrased if anyone asks you were showing me how to work the phones." Bartlet laughed. "Now, I want you to go home, sleep, take a nice shower and show up nine-ish."

He reached his hand out to shake the presidents before he left. "Thanks"

The Deputy Chief of Staff watched as the President, his mentor, his father walked through the dark hallways of the west wing armed with only one Secret Service agent.

He walked back to his desk, and started to shut down his computer and pack his things. He grabbed his coat as he turned his attention to the radio on his desk. He stopped and listened to the song.

<< "How many times have you been pushed around?

is anybody there?

does anybody care?

and how many times have your friends let you down?" >>

He quickly turned it off. "Tons, yes, yes, None." He answered.

Oh life is waiting for you

it's all messed up but we're alive

Oh life is waiting for you

it's all messed up we will survive

The End