Title: A Little Get Together?
Author: Jess Another Unofficial
Spoilers: The War at Home, Bartlet's Third State of the Union, The
Disclaimer: The Characters belong to the West Wing and it's
creators. Not copyright
infringement is intended. This is non-profit and for pure
Summary: Leo, Jed and TiVo?
Rated: PG, little language.

I also know that Army doesn't play Notre Dame but after all this is fiction, so bear with it

~ Residence ~

"Come in." Jed bellowed to whoever was behind the door. He was  sitting on his bed cross legged watching TV. He had the remote in his hand, while he  picked up the sandwich that was lying on the bed up with the other. "Ah, Leo what  the hell is this?" He pointed to the television with the hand that contained the sandwich.

"Well, good evening to you too, Sir." Leo said sarcastically as he took a seat near the television. "What are you watching?"

"How the hell should I know? I haven't watched this damn thing in months." He put his sandwich down, took the remote and smacked it with his hand. "I've
been here for 5 minutes and I'm already irritated. I haven't been able to switch the  channel, and I've seen these blue men drumming on the number four about six times already."

Leo stifled a laugh. "Sir, blue men?"

"Don't give me that Leo. I'm not lying. There were three men, all blue. One was drumming on the number four while the other pulled the pipes around  to make different noises. Something about a pentathlon 4 professor."

Leo burst out laughing, "You mean Pentium 4 processor. It's a computer thing. Pentium is slow, very slow. Pentium 2 is faster, 3 is faster yet and 4 is new  it's the fastest."

"Leo what is the world coming too? I can't even find anything decent  on the television yet. I haven't been able to change the channels even. What happened
to the good old days of the radio, books, cards and games for entertainment?"

"I think those went out with President Roosevelt. There is plenty of decent stuff on and you have been trying to change the VCR Channels for the last 7 minutes."

"Oh, well, how do we change the TV channels?" He looked at the remote curiously.

"Here." Leo walked up to him and took the remote away from the president hand only to replace it with another. "See this one it says `Sony' like the
television. The other one said `RCA' like the VCR. You use the ones that coincide with each other."  Leo quickly changed the channels until he found the Notre Dame game on. "I swear sir how you manage to run a country I will never know."

"It's all in here Leo." He said pointing to his head. "It's one of my secrets."

"What?. Like the last economic downfall, and how it represents the future? Or how you can't turn your alarm clock off in the morning?"

"Something like that." He stuffed the rest of the sandwich in his mouth.

"Why did you want me here anyway? It's Sunday."

"Really Leo. I didn't know. I thought I wear jeans and a sweater everyday after going to church for Sunday Mass." He rolled his eyes at Leo." I wanted you here so we could spend quality time together."

"Oh boy."

"Leo, we used to do this all the time. What's the matter? Don't want to spend time with your friend. Abbey is out and well I wanted to have a little get together."

"A what? A get together. You and me getting together, is a get together? Not everything went out with Roosevelt I guess."

"You are a sad, stubborn, grumpy little man you know that." He slid off the bed to join Leo.

"Little man? I'm taller than you."

"Yeah but I'm bigger in a more powerful way." He grinned. "Listen it's Sunday. A day of rest and relaxation. A day to watch football. Which is exactly what we are going to do."

"Rest, Relax and watch football." He said softly to himself. "I have  things to do."

Without removing his eyes from the screen Jed called out. "If you as even so much as touch that door, Leo, I well have the Secret Service haul your ass  back in here." He heard Leo groan as he came back. "That's better. Sit down and put on  a happy face for your friend."

"Isn't football season over with?"

"Yeah. I had Charlie tape it."

"How come it's on TV?"

"I don't know. It's called TiVo I think. Anyway Charlie saved it on this little machine and I had him put it on. It plays it back like we are actually watching the game
commercials and everything, real time is what I think they call it. It goes all over the White House because all the TV's are hooked together."

"So you mean that this game is showing everywhere in the White House?" Leo asked, Jed nodded, "Man that's going to confuse a lot of people."

"No kidding."

"When did it air?"

"November something."

"It's March and your just now watching it?"

"Yeah. You know I've been a little busy lately being President and all."

"What's the point of watching a game that you already know the  results of?"

"The excitement Leo. Anyways I don't know the results. I made sure I didn't read it in the paper, or watch it on TV or have anyone tell me."

"Your a geek you know that."

"So I've been told."

"Who's playing?"

"Are you getting interested?" The president said happily.

"Not really. Just making the best of it."

"Notre Dame and Army." Leo looked at the president with wide eyes, to which he was rewarded with the presidents laughed, "Interested now?"

"Yeah. Notre Dame winning?"

"Of course."

"Good. Time to kick Army's Ass."

"You know Leo I would've that with you being in the military you would go for Army."

"Jed your nuts." He didn't even realizes he was addressing the President by his first name. "I was in the Navy. We learned to hate the Army." Leo was talking off his suit coat, and tie. "Plus I'm Irish."

"No kidding Mick I wonder what gave it away." He paused for a second while the game was in play. "I can't believe you would wear a suit on Sunday. There is nobody to impress." Leo ignored him. The president leaned forward and waved a hand in front of his face. "Earth to Leo."

"Shh. Jed be quite."

Jed scoffed, "I can't believe it. You shushed me. Me, the president of the United States,  shushed, by his Chief of Staff. Where's the respect?" He stood up. "Commercial. Want a soda?"

"Sure, Rodney Dangerfield, I'll come with you. We've got about 4 minutes until it's back on." Leo followed Jed out into the hallway.

Jed rolled his eyes at Leo's remark. "Nothing like fitting in time for your friend. I though you weren't interested?"

"That was before I found out who was playing." They reached the  kitchen.

Jed went to the fridge to pull out a beer, "Do you mind?" Leo shook his head, "Seriously Leo?"

"Yeah go ahead. It's actually good for me. Builds up the resistance."

Jed grabbed a coke for Leo.

"So where is Abbey?'

"She went with the girls to visit her mother."

"Should I ask?"

"No we didn't fight, well we did but we definitely made up." He eye's were bright and he grinned.

Leo chuckled.

"She just wanted time with Zoey, Liz, Annie and Ellie. You know the whole `Girl Thing' While I have had a week to myself, kinda." He cocked his head
towards his detail.

"Abbey's been gone for almost a week?"


"I didn't know. So your just now calling me?"

"Yeah I thought we would watch the game together and have fun."

Leo grabbed the coke from Jed's hand. "Let's get back to having fun."  

They quickly raided the kitchen. Then headed back this time to the family room.

Jed walked in and grabbed the remote. "Here we go a bigger TV." He pressed the buttons down. "Ah, geez. This stupid, freakin', dumb-ass..." He banged on the

Leo walked up behind, grinning, as he grabbed the correct remote and turned on the game.

When the set flicked on Jed looked up, amazed. "Geez Leo I almost had it. I'm the President of the United States for crying out loud, I could've  figured it out sooner or later." He pouted as he flopped down on to the couch.

"Whatever." Leo chuckled at the sight of the President pouting. He sat down on the opposite side of Jed and they both propped their feet up on the coffee table.

Jed stuffed a handful of popcorn into his mouth.

"You know Abbey is going to kill you."

"No she isn't because your not going to tell her."

"Jed, she always finds out."

"I know, but what can I say, it's fun while it is lasting. Popcorn?"

"No I got chips." He grabbed the bag and started to open it.

Jed grinned "Having a little trouble Leo?"

"I can't get the stupid bag open." His face was red as he grabbed the corners and pulled. "Damn thing...Oh shit." The bag exploded and soon the room was
covered with chips.

Jed took one look at him and nearly fell off the couch. He was laughing so hard that he had tears in his blue eye's. He tried to talk but every time he just
laughed harder. He caught the glare on Leo's face and cleared his throat. "I swear Leo  how you assist me in running a country I'll never know."

Leo sighed as he slid of the couch to pick up the chips,  murmuring, "Smart ass."

"I beg your pardon Leo?" Jed glared at him.

"Nothing Sir."

Jed chuckled at Leo's responsiveness, "Don't worry I will call one of the staffers later to clean it up." He reached over for the phone.

"Not now Jed."

"I know. I'm getting another beer. A few to hold me over until half time. You know that's why I was elected President, because of my brilliance. So you
having fun yet?"

"YEAH!!" Leo launched out off the couch. "TOUCH DOWN!!!"

Jed jumped up. "That's my boys." They slapped hands and hugged. "Here we go, extra point."

They both stood in silence waiting for the kick. "It's Good! 14-0" Leo shouted.

There was a knock on the door. "Come in." Jed called over his shoulder.

"Everything all right?" An agent appeared.

"Everything is fine Steve. My beer come yet?"

Steve talked into his mike, "It's coming."

"Good. We're watching the football game. We will probably be a little loud. Notre Dame is playing." Steve opened the door farther for a woman to walk
in. "Martha how you doing? You have my beer?" She nodded and placed two beers on the table and a four pack in the fridge. "Thanks Martha."

"It's Joan."

"I was close. Do we have a Martha?"

"No sir."

"All right Thanks."

"Your welcome sir." She closed the door as she left.

Jed came back to the couch. He picked up a beer and opened it. Leo watched him."What?" Jed asked.

"You plan on drinking all that beer?"

"Maybe." He pushed himself closer to the TV. "The game's on."

They watched as the Irish kicked off. Notre Dame was up 14-0, it was late in the second
quarter. Jed got up to walk into the next room.

"Jed where are you going?"

"Nature is calling."

"That's what happens when you drink to much beer." Leo watched as Notre Dame intercepted the ball. "They got it."

"Who?" Jed called from the next room.

"Notre Dame. They intercepted it." Leo was on his feet. "GO! GO! GO!"

Jed came running in the room to see.

"TOUCHDOWN!!" Leo shouted.

Jed tripped over the table and fell flat on his face , "Touchdown!" Was the muffled response. He lifted his face from the carpet.

"You're a klutz."

"Too much beer."

"NO! NO! NO!"

"Geez Leo maybe I am a klutz but you don't have to yell."

"No, they are calling it back. Someone on Notre Dame grabbed the face mask of the intended receiver."

They took their seats. Jed drank the rest of his beer. Watching as Army got the ball back at the 50 yard line. "NO!"

"NO! Ah crap. Dammit."

"They got a touch down." He sat up, "and the extra point. Half Time. Ah well it's 14-7
they have plenty of time to gain a lead."

~ 1 Hr Later ~

"NO! NO! NOT AGAIN." Leo was yelling at the TV. "Plenty of time to catch up Jed? It's 14-13 they are going for the two point conversion. There is only 30 seconds on the clock."

"You don't think I know that? Dammit they can still win." Jed stood  up as well as Leo. "Here we go Leo. History, that was, in the making." They were silent
as the play started. "NO! They got it."

"Oh Son of a...Wait."

They stopped and listened to the ref. "Holding Offensive. Illegal  Tackle Offensive. Face Mask Offensive. 30 yard penalty . Repeat."

"Oh there is a God." Jed looked up. The play started again. "YEAH!!"

"YEAH!!! THEY DID IT!" Leo hugged Jed.

"YES!" Jed ran to the door. "Steve they won!"

"Congratulations Mr. President."

Jed walked away from the open door. He picked up a pillow from the
couch. "Go long Leo." He pointed out the door.

Leo ran down the hall. Jed cocked his arm back and launched the
pillow. Leo jumped to catch it. "YEAH! Touchdown."

"Nice throw Jed. It's probably the best throw you've ever had."

"You know me master of all sports." Jed sat back down on the couch. He already had another beer open.

"So how many does that make?"


"Your not going to be able to stand up."

"I stand fairly well after 7 beers... I don't sit fairly well, in fact I tend to fall very well with 7 beers in me"

Leo took a seat. "When is Abbey coming back?"

"Day after tomorrow." He took a drink. "So, how is everything? Besides work?"

"Well there isn't much consistency to life besides work." He put his feet up on the couch. "Things with Abbey better?"

"Yeah. She is done being pissed with me."

"You thinking about another term?"

"Yeah." Jed looked down at his hands. "I think she wants me to run again but she is worried about my thing. It could start secondary progression in two years."

"Oh man." Leo turned and looked at the ground.

"Tell me about it." He finished his beer. "She's not exactly worried about it progressing while I'm in office. More of after office. She's worried that I will be a vegetable the rest of my life with her. Believe me I'm worried about it too." He paused for a second. "I think about it a lot. What would it be like if it progressed? I think  about how I spent my whole life learning things, trying to be the great know-it-all, reading books, expanding my knowledge, trying to become president. For what? So in roughly two  more years I won't be able to tie my damn shoes. She's scared Leo. I'm scared.  What if she is right? What if it does progress while I'm in office? Then what am I supposed to do?"

"Ah, Jed...I'm so sorry. I really don't know what to say." Leo closed  his eyes, he didn't like talking about his friends health.

"Let's not ruin the moment. It's 10:30, we will talk about it later."


Jed put his beer bottle down on the table. He chuckled for a  second. "Do you think there will ever be another Mrs. McGarry?"

"I don't know. I guess there is a possibility of meeting someone  after we're out of office. I'm so busy I don't want to hurt anybody again like I did with Jenny."

"Are you happy with the divorce?"

"No. I wish I could've fixed it. I mean, aren't I suppose to be able to fix everything?" He sighed, "I really miss her."

"I know you do. At least you have Margaret to put the leash on you. Keep you in line."

"Yeah I guess Margaret is the closest thing I will have for a  girlfriend for awhile. She isn't much of a girlfriend, more of someone to talk to and keep me straight." He was talking with his eyes closed.

"Do you like her?"

"Jed. Come on get serious. I could be her father."

"Yeah you could be, but you're not. Would you consider it?"

"Maybe. I don't know. She could always leave, so I don't count on anything."

"Man, whose going to keep the leash on you if she goes?"

"You and Abbey probably. Considering you already do half the time."

"Yeah." Jed closed his eyes. He laid there and thought. He thought about Leo. Abbey. Zoey. Ellie. Liz. Annie. His staff. Hoynes. His thing. Stackhouse,
and the Bill. He turned to Leo to say something but stopped when he seen he was sleeping. He  smiled softly, glad that he was getting some much needed rest, turned back and shut his own eyes.

~ Hallway to the Residence ~
Monday Morning

"Hi Charlie."

"Back early Ma'am?"

"Yeah. My mom caught the flu while we were there so we cut it short. Coming to get my husband?"

"Yeah, he's late."

"I'll get him. Wait here."

"Yes Ma'am"

Abbey Bartlet walked into her bedroom, she was surprised not to find her husband there. She walked down the hallway into the family room, and smiled. There
he was, with Leo. Leo was asleep on one couch with his suit on, tie and coat lying on  the chair. Jed on the other couch. There were chips, cans, popcorn, and a few empty beer  bottles lying around the room. She closed the door and walked back out to Charlie.

"Charlie does he have anything important this morning?"

"No Ma'am."

"What about Leo?"


"Yeah, what's his schedule like?"

"I can check with Margaret if I can use the phone."

"Go ahead." She watched as he dialed Margaret. He said a few things then hung up.


"No Ma'am nothing important."

"Good. They will be down around noon."

"Yes Ma'am. Make I ask?"

"Sure. It looks like they had a little party last night."

"Okay. Thank you Ma'am"

"Thank you Charlie."

Charlie nodded and headed for the West Wing. Abbey watched him round the corner and walked back into the family room she couldn't help by smile at the sight in front of her. She picked up a blanket and laid it down on Jed, she gave him a kiss  on the forehead. She walked over to Leo, and did the same. Smiling at the sight she turned  the TV off , grabbed a few of the bottles that were on the floor. She went into the near by bathroom poured two glasses of water and took a bottle of antacid pills, she  set them down in front of Leo and Jed. She walked to the door and turned around for one last  look at her husband and friend as they slept peacefully for the first time in  weeks.