Title: And Along Came Sky
Author: Jess Another Unofficial
Rating: G
Category: Josh, new character, general
Disclaimer: Not mine. All the genius works of Aaron Sorkin. Sky Hudson is mine though.
Summary: Josh gets a new assistant, who unintentionally runs over Leo McGarry.

Authors Notes: To those of you who don't like new characters try this story anyway, I hate new characters but like this one -- of course it's mine--. Thanks to my beta                             reader Jamie, you go girl now get back to the books.

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Okay, I got a phone call the other day that was a little, well, it was out of the norm I'll tell you that. It was one of those phone calls that causes your free hand to fly up and catch the phone before it hits that ground. This was one of those calls that you don't want to have to scramble to the ground to collect the receiver and explain what happened. Mainly you don't want this to happen because you're sure the person calling you has very important things to attend to and he can't wait for you to pick up the phone. Espically when that man is Leo McGarry.

And so it began, my life as New Deputy Deputy White House Chief of Staff. As it turns out, his first assisant Donna Moss, has taken over that nice Mrs. Landingham's job leaving her old job open, well, for me. Now, I have pondered and thought, and thunk, and pondered some more before finally figuring out why I got the job or more like, why Leo McGarry called me. I discovered that he was that man who was in my last employers, Governor Williams, office who witnessed the 'disaster'. I was proud of that day and how I handled such atrocity, I was also disappointed my boss didn't seem to notice but I guess Leo McGarry did and that is all that matters now.

I pull up to the gate, I'm here, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. It's very nerve racking arriving at this building, maybe it's the constant survallince and the fear you're going to do something accidentally wrong, without realizing you're doing it or did it, and forty agents are going to tackle you to the ground. Well that is a huge fear of mine right now.

I arrived in what I think is the North Entrance and so far no one has given me a second glance, which in its own way is just as disturbing. I turn left then right, then right again, then left and I arrive in a small lounge area with a guard, a red phone, the presidential seal behind him and many, many busy people. I'll tell you that seal is very intimidating, you finally realize who your working for, when you comprehend all these guards, guns and red phones are to protect him and all these busy people are working for him. In my last office the only time people moved like this was when the new supply shipment came in and people needed staples.

Here they come, Ms. Moss and Mr. Lyman, together. Everyone, and when I say everyone I mean the country/world, knows about them after the events last year.

They approach and she looks down at me. "Hey. Find your way okay?" I nod. She reaches back for Mr. Lyman who is distracted by I think Senator Starch. "Josh this is Sky Hudson. Sky, Josh."

Uh, oh. Here it comes that look I'm happy I avoided so far, and knew if it didn't happen before,  it would happen now.

"Hey. My name is Josh Lyman, you can call me Josh." He reaches down and shakes my hand and smiles that poster boy smile. He adds, "Also, for the record, I don't think I'm as bad as people think I am." Before uncomfortabling shifting his weight from foot to foot.

I smiled back. "I'm Sky, nice to meet you. As well for the record, I don't run over as many feet as people say I do." He laughs. Bang. Did it, broke the ice sheet between us. After years of meeting people who are used to people standing and then meeting a person in a wheelchair, I find there is always a little tension, but I've gotten good at detecting it and breaking it.

"Umm, I'm going back to the my desk. Why don't you show her your office and at lunch I will come down and give her the ropes." He hesitates at Donna's order then complies when she adds a little wink. Ah, ha, there is a thing going on.

"Walk this way. Uh, I mean --"

"Trust me it's okay." I can actually see the weight being removed from his shoulders. "You really don't have to be that uncomfortable Josh, I'm an easy going person, not much offends me."

"So can I call you 'wheels'?"

"If you want, but you have to let me call you 'fro'."

"I'll stick to Sky."

"I figured you would."

He stops infront of a rather large beautiful paneled door. Man, is anything ugly in this building?  He pulls down on the handle and the door swings open, I stand corrected. Wow, it's amazing the crap he has piled in here, I have to give him credit for that.

"It's a little a messy." He says. "Donna is always giving me hell for it."

"A little messy is a huge understatement. Now I know you're a polictian."

"Here, why don't you pull up a seat and I'll tell you all the do's and don't's of this administration."

I manage to somehow, wheel around the thousands of papers on the floor and move his chairs so I can pull up. He watches me deciding if he should help or not. I wave him off, "Don't worry, you think this is the only place I've been in that isn't accessible?" He nods. "Okay, the rules, the gossip, the profiles. Come on, out with it."

"Alright, let's start with Toby Zielger or administrative grump who is also our communications director. Just stay away from him, and don't argue with him. Sam Seaborn, his deputy and my best friend, he is a lot of fun, nerdy and the perfect poster boy. CJ Cregg, the ultimate in fun, keep her in the loop, don't call her flamingo and you're set. Leo McGarry, all around good grumpy guy, a very passionate man, don't do anything wrong and your fine. Next, I'm sure you know him, President Bartlet. He is the most passionate man you will ever meet, he is increadably smart and likes to talk trivia, just don't instigate him and the rest of the staff won't kill you. Any questions?"

"No, not really."

"Okay let's go meet them."

He takes his jacket off before we leave. I can see where Donna has a thing for him, he is very cute, but I'll never tell him, he is all for Donna. We passed through the busy inner offices before coming to a decent sized office. There is a balding man sitting there writing vigorusly. Josh knocks on the door.

"Get lost."

I sneek out a laugh, "Let me guess, Toby Zielger." Josh laughs and Toby stares darts at us.

"And you are?"

Wow, he speaks politely. "Sky Hudson, Josh's new assistant."

He is surprisingly trying to be a gentleman. He gets up out of his desk, walks over to me and shakes my hand. "Nice to meet you. Now, I don't want to be rude but I need to write this speech."

"Alright, I'll see you later Toby." Josh says as he walks me out of the office.

I shout over my shoulder, "See ya later Scruffy McGruff."

"Don't call me that." Toby shouts back.

We go to the next office. I'm assuming this is his assistant because his is so close to Toby's office. Josh leads me, and, oh my Lord, this has got to be Sam, the poster boy.

"Hey Sam have a minute?"

"As long as you don't give me any work." He does a double look when he looks at me. "Hey who are you?"

"This is----"

"Sky Hudson, Josh's new assistant."

"How's it going?" He gives me a very nice smile. Gosh, is he cute.

"Not too bad." I answer.

"Yeah, she is still here and she met Toby."

"Josh I think you have a ringer."

"Thanks Sam." I smile. "I like compliments."


I jumped half out of my chair. "What the hell was that?"

"Toby". They both say in unison.

"Gotta go, see ya guys later."

Toby must have Sam on a two foot leash, in less than six seconds Sam was in Toby's office, that or, naahhh.

"No, it means he is mad when he uses the ball call."

"I didn't know you read minds."

"I don't, everyone thinks the same thing when they see Sam jump off a bridge for Toby. Toby doesn't control him, he is Sam's idol."

"Oh I see."

"Let's go see what CJ is up to."

This truly is an intimidating building, George Washington did a good job at that. I have to say you get this eerie feeling walking through the halls of the West Wing. A feeling of awe, and a bone chilling feeling. You can feel the history. We round a corner to some media area I think. Josh walks at a good pace, usually I don't have to try to keep up with someone.

He opens the large paneled door. Wow, CJ has a nice office too, but too  many chairs I can't get through.

"Hold on a sec." Josh pushes the chairs over to the side and takes a seat in one.

I roll up next to him. "Where is she?"

"Danny leave me the hell alone."

I guess that answers my question. She slams the door shut and is startled to see me there. "Hey."

"Hey, you must be CJ. I'm Sky Hudson."

"Josh's new assistant."

"How did you know?"

"I'm the press secretary. I know everything."

"Ah, the lady in the loop."

"Yes. I must stand proud for the sisterhood."

"You belong to it too?"

"Oh, crap two of them." We both laugh at Josh's moans.

"Oh Joshua it isn't that bad." She laughs.

"More than you know." He buried his head in his hands.

"Oh, it's 12:00 I have a briefing to do. Talk to you later Sky."

"See ya." I watch her walk out the door, I've never seen anyone take steps that big. I turn to Josh, "Sooooo, what's next?" This gets a laugh out of him, I don't know why.

"You fit in better than you think." He looks at his watch. "I would introduce you to Leo, but he is on the Hill and won't be back until 3:00. Um, I'm gonna get Donna for you that way she can show you what you need to know. I've got a meeting in 30 minutes so I have to leave." He gets up. "Why don't I show you the Oval."

"Is -- Is the president there?"

"No, you can breathe easy. He won't be in the Oval until 9:00 tonight. I will introduce you at staff tommorow."

"Alright, I'm a little nervous about meeting him."

"There is no need too. Like I said before he is the nicest man you will ever meet."

"If you say so."

We round a corner, this must be the Oval, I can tell by the guards standing outside each door. It's a little frieghtning, but then I notice how no one pays attention to them, like they are part of the wood work.

"This building has too much carpet."

"What?" Josh spins to look at me.

"It's hard to steer on it."

"I'll send in a request for hardwood."

"No you won't."

"You're right, I won't." He smiles at me. "Donna!"

"Josh don't yell." She doesn't even look up at him.

"Donna, I'm going to my meeting."

"Alright, see ya."

He looks at me before leaving. "Whatever she says about me isn't true?"

"Even if she says your the nicest guy ever?" I asked.

"No, because she wouldn't say that." He looks down at his watch again. "See ya." I'm amazed at how quickly he left, a quick spin on the heel and he was gone.

The next three hours were very enlightning. Donna took me on a tour of the West Wing before we went down to the mess. I have to say: the White House has amazing food. We talked, mostly about Josh and his weird habits. She told me everything about the presidents MS, although I'm sure she didn't tell me everything, there are probably hundreds of secrets in her little head.

Later we go back up to Josh's office. She showed me around, got me a computer pass to access files, an email account and other cool things. I also have a cute little coffee mug with the presidential seal on it. We went through Josh's agenda and she informed me of all the bills he is presently working on, no wonder this guy's hair is standing on end.


I look at Donna. She laughs. "And so it begins."

Josh rounds the corner, "I need the reports on Bill C-7, the 5, 6 added admendments, and polling data 56-9-80."

I grabbed the files of my new desk, retrive the polling data from the bank and follow him into his office. He takes his coat off and sets his bag down. "Is that the thing?"


He takes it out of my hand, I stare at him for a second to see if he dismisses me, he doesn't, so I go back to my desk. I almost reach it when I hear my name again, I turn to see him standing in the doorway smiling, "Thanks."

It was a small word, but it makes me smile.

I spend the rest of the day helping Josh prepare a proposal. We ordered pizza and beer, I quickly learn Josh isn't good with beer. It took four hous to make the proposal and briefing notes. I can't believe how late everyone works, CJ, Sam and Toby came in several times to talk to Josh. It wasn't until 9:00 when I finally left for home. I passed through the halls and noticed there are still many people working, I'd hate to be them.


I arrived at what I thought would be early for work, as it turns out I was the last assistant to arrive and it was 6:00. I grabbed a coffee mug from Josh's desk and went down to the mess to fill it and grab him a danish, I doubt this guy eats before he comes in.

As I approach his office I hear a one-sided conversation, he must be on the phone. The lights are off, the phone probably rang before he could turn them on. I place the coffee and danish down before I grab the lights.

"Ahhhh. What the hell?"

"Relax Josh."

"You scared the hell out of me." He notices the coffee, "You brought me coffee?"

"Duh, that's what assistant do."

"I like you better and better everyday."

I moved for the door, and stop. I didn't notice at first but the furniture is all moved, and the carpet is gone. I can't believe it, he changed his office to make it easier for me.

"Like it?"

"You are the sweetest guy ever."

"Well I try."

I laugh. "Thanks. You have no idea how much this helps."

"Hold on." He turns his attention back to the phone. "Joey, I'll call you back." He hangs up and I notice he is using a TYY phone, I wonder who he was talking too. "Let's go meet Leo."

I once again walk that amazing hallway leading to the Oval, but this time we are going just a little farther. As we go by the reception area where Donna is, I slow down and wave, she waves back. I turn back to Josh and notice he is ahead of me, so I speed up.

When it happens, I've did this so many times in elementary, high school and university, this is the last place I want to do it again. A man in a dark suit turns the corner, his head is down looking at a folder and he doesn't see me coming and I can't stop. Before I can try to stop it -- BANG!.

I muffled voice comes out from under me, "What the hell?"

At the sound of the crash, two secret service agents round the corner. My worst fear.

"Leo? Are you alright?" Josh walks up to the man I just took out.

Oh god, I crushed Leo McGarry.

"Yeah. It's okay boys." He waves the secret service agents away. He walks to my chair and pushes it towards me. "Hey."

"Hey."I blurt out. Give me a break, what else should I say.

"You're the girl I hired to replace Donna."


"You sure know how to make a lasting impression." He rubs his shin.

"I'm so sorry."

"Don't be. It isn't the first time I've been hit by something with wheels, I should've been paying attention."

I look at Josh who is about to burst with laughter.

My glance makes Leo turn to look too. "Something funny Josh."

He can't even and say it. All he can do is shake his head.

"I need to pick a stamp, want to help?"

"No, no-no-no-no. That's okay."

I wonder what that is about. The door to my left opens. "Leo what the hell is all this noise?"

"Mr. President......Uh, meet Sky Hudson Josh's new assistant."

He turns and looks at me. I suddenly remember I'm still on the ground and scramble back into my chair.

"Hey, what's up?"

"N-n-nothing much sir."

"Did you run over my Chief of Staff?"


He looks at Josh. "Was it funny?"

"You have no idea sir."

Leo's face turns red like a cherry and it's my turn to laugh.

"Why don't you guys come in and take a seat."

And I thought the rest of the building was intimidating, this room is amazing. Leo and Josh wait until President Bartlet takes a seat before they themselves do.

"Amazing isn't it?" Bartlet looks at me.

"Amazing doesn't begin to describe it."

"Did you know in December 1970 ---"

"President George Washington signed an Act of Congress declaring that the federal government would reside in a district not exceeding ten sqaure miles on the river Potomac."

"I see you're up on your trivia."

"I came prepared. Josh told me you like trivia and I smelled a challenge."

"I like you."

"You seem nice too." I smile.

Okay, Josh is right. He is the nicest guy ever, you tell when he laughs because he laughs with his whole heart and he is laughing at me right now. "Okay then. When was the first cornerstone laid?"

"October 1972."

"Who was the first to live in --"

"John Adams."

"How many rooms?"

"132 rooms totalling 35 bathrooms, 412 doors, 147 windows, 28 fireplaces, 8 staircases, and thankfully for me, 3 elevators."

"Wow, you are good." Leo comments.

"Thank you. Okay Mr. President, your turn."

"I like a challenge." He states.

"Okay, at various times in history, the White House has been known as the "President's Palace," the "President's House," and the "Executive Mansion." What president officially gave the White House its current name in 1901?"

"Uh...wait a minute I know."

"I can't believe you stumped the trivia master."

"Want to know how cold it is in Yemen Josh?" The president counters.

"No sir ."

"Give up yet sir?" I ask.

"Time isn't up."

"Yes it is."

"Okay, okay. I give up."

"And the answer is, President Theodore Roosevelt."

"Oh, I knew that."

"I suggest you read one of the 600 books on the White House."

He stands up, I take that as a dismissal. I hope he doesn't hate me for being a smart-ass. "It's nice meeting you Sky. I hope you stay and give Josh a lesson on White House history."

"Thank you sir." I shake his hand. He smiles at me unlike anyone else, I don't know what it is about him but you get this feeling inside when you meet him. I reach underneath my chair and pull out a book. "I heard you like old books."

He takes the package. "Thanks."

As Josh and I exit, I can hear the package ripping apart.


I turn around. "Yes, Mr. President?"

He reads the title, "'The White House' by John Adams. Where did you find this?"

"I have my ways sir." I stop in the doorway and add, "Nice to meet you Mr. President." Before closing the door and going back to my new job.

I hope this feeling never goes away.