Title:           Birthday Cake

Author:          Rhonda Dossett Pairing:         CJ & Leo Rating:          R Spoilers:        Everything aired, including P.C. Feedback:        Always appreciated at dossett@azalea.net Disclaimer:      They're not mine and never will be. Archive:         Sure, if you want it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I didn't think you ate cake," Leo joked, joining the slightly tippy Press Secretary on her office sofa.  He smiled at the sight of her balancing a plate with a large piece of chocolate cake on her knee while keeping one hand firmly around an almost empty glass of wine. Smiling at him, CJ took a large bite of cake, smearing a little icing at the corner of her mouth.  "If it's chocolate, I'll put it in my mouth," she mumbled. "That's good to know," he replied, trying to keep a straight face.  Failing to avoid staring at the icing on her face, Leo added, "Maybe I should buy a few bottles of chocolate syrup to keep in my office." "What?" she exclaimed, blushing as the implication of his words struck home.  "Did you just . . ." "I'm not dead yet," Leo smiled, leaning in close and using his thumb to transfer the chocolate from her mouth to his. Dumbstruck, CJ just stared at him, wondering if she'd had more than the three glasses of wine, she'd remembered. If she wasn't drunk, Leo McGarry was flirting with her. Hel,l forget the flirting, he was definitely making a pass. "I, uh, . . . what are you doing," she stammered as he picked up her cake in his bare hands and broke off a piece. His eyes twinkling, he held a small piece up to her mouth. "Helping," he whispered, pushing the cake against her trembling lips. Opening her mouth like a baby bird, CJ accepted his offering, wondering if she was dreaming.  No way was this really happening. "Leo?" she said, swallowing the cake and watching his hand slowly approach with more. "Am I conscious?  We are at work?  We're having a birthday party for Ginger?" "I think you've covered the basics of the situation.   What is it you don't understand?"  Leo brought the cake to her lips again. As she swallowed and thought about her answer, Leo set the plate down on the coffee table in front of them. He sat back against the cushions and casually put his arm around the back of her shoulders, resting it on the sofa. "CJ," he whispered, his fingers grazing one of the spaghetti straps holding up her evening dress.  "Is it so impossible to believe I'd be interested in you?" "You're joking right?  Someone put you up to this?"  Her voice squeaked as he slid one finger under the tiny strap and moved it up and down against her bare skin. "Do I seem like the kind of guy who does a lot of joking," he growled, his mouth suddenly hot and wet against her bare neck. "Oh, God," she sighed, as his lips trailed down her skin. "Just don't let me wake up too soon, please." Time seemed to slip away from her, as his mouth moved across her collarbone and made the journey up the other side of her neck. "Leo," she whimpered, as his hand slipped down the front of her dress and cradled her taunt breast in his palm.  "We're not alone.  What about the other guests?" "I'll take care of them later," he mumbled, sealing his mouth over hers and squeezing her breast. "What?" she thought as his tongue pushed deep into her mouth. "CJ?" "What?" "CJ," his gravelly voice demanded her attention as his hands shook her shoulders.  "Ginger's party has been over for hours." Opening her eyes, CJ stared up into the blue eyes of the Chief of Staff looming over her prone position on her office sofa. "You shouldn't sleep here.  I know you're still upset about Simon, but staying here all the time isn't going to help. Go home.  You look like hell," he gruffly demanded. Still half asleep, she reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck.  Quickly, she pulled him down on top of her.   Caught off guard by her actions, he lost his balance and control of the situation. "Kiss me again," she moaned before fitting her mouth over his. Startled, it took Leo a few seconds to fully understand what was happening.   By that time, she had her tongue in his mouth and he didn't care so much that it was a mistake.