Author: Jess Another Unofficial
Category: Jed's POV, no it isn't something mushy and depressing.
Rating: G maybe PG.
Disclaimer: Everything, absolutely everything belongs to Aaron
Sorkin and all his people. None of the characters are mine, all
property of THE WEST WING and ARRON SORKIN. Part of this is from
a chain letter I got. I revised it to fit in this story.

Summary: An answer to the cliff hanger. Two Cathedral spoiler.

"Mr. President, Can you tell us right now if you will be seeking a
second term?"

I place my hands in my pockets and slowly look off to the side as I
smile. I can feel the burn in my heart, and I turn back to answer the
question. "Sandy let me ask you something: What would you do if
someone held a gun to your face and asked if you believe in God?
Say, `no' and fell ashamed the rest of your life? Our be the proud
few who answer, `yes' and die."

I can feel the eyes in the room silently shout, `huh?' as the world
waits for the little speech I ran through my head forty times on the
way over.

"I can honestly say I would answer, `yea' because I did a few short
years ago. Three years to be exact, when I was sworn in as president.
When I silently promised to do everything in my power for this
country. I knew I was going to keep my faith, my Christianity, my
love in my left pocket close to my heart whenever I spoke, and I
knew I would eventually get into trouble for doing so, and I did
everytime the mail room opened a no-return addressed envelope that
had Josiah Bartlet or President Bartlet written hastly across the front.
Though, I wasn't going to let that stop me, I wasn't going to let that
gun force me to say `no', when God willing I will stand up and
shout, `yes'.

"It's funny how simple it is for people to trash God and everyone
who speaks for him, and then wonder why the world's going to hell.
It is funny how we believe what the newspapers say, but question
what the Bible does. It's funny how everyone wants to go to heaven,
provided they do not have to believe, think, say or do anything the
Bible says. Or is that scary? It's funny how someone can say, `Hey I
believe in God,' but still follow Satan, who by the way believes in
God. It's funny how parents won't let their children watch Sesame
Street because they question its values, but let them play with a gun
instead. I think it's funny that they have the gun in the first
place. It's funny how everyone thinks they can solve our gun problem by
owning a gun, when its that very reason why we have a problem to
begin with. It's funny how many people tobacco kills, and how
victims sue when they become ill, all-the-while they choose to spend
the money to kill themselves. It's funny that today one-in-five
children live in poverty and then how today people have so much
money that they spend it on tobacco and kill themselves. "

The room has an eerie silence, and I can't even see a shutter flash. I
take a second to calm down and regain what little dignity I have left.
I look back a Sandy.

"And I think it's funny how you, Sandy, can stand here and question
my loyalty to you, to this country and to God by thinking I will crawl
into a corner and whimper `no' when faced with a problem. God
Sandy, I will stand up, I will shout and I will scream until I lose my
voice, and only then will I get out paper and pen and write. This
society, this country, this world needs help and God knowing I will
not stand by and watch it go to hell. There is so much more to do,
and I have one year left to do it and if I can't get it done, then
hell I will come back again for four years."

Everyone is writing frantically, and camera shutters are starting to
flick again. I have to stop again, so I can lower my voice. I start
talking and before I know it I'm screaming, Aw.. What the Hell? Let
this be a time to scream.

"I have come, and I eventually will go, but I plan on staying for five
more years. This is the time of Josiah Bartlet. A time to speak freely
and a time for change."

I step of the podium and walk out the doors, I can hear them shout
questions at my back but I know I already answered the important one.
I can feel my face tighten, but not because I'm mad, but because I
can't hide the smile across my face.

My staff is falling in behind me, I'm not looking at them, but I can
feel there smiles. I'm waiting for it......waiting........waiting....

"Mr. President that was awesome. Looks like you won't need Sam
and Toby anymore."

There it is. "No Josh, I need everyone because this is just the
beginning. Remember: Let Bartlet Be Bartlet. Well we're just getting
warmed-up, they haven't even let us on the field yet."

I can sense laughter behind my back. I know they aren't laughing at
me, but morethanless the situation. I hope.

I slow my pace in the hallway. I know.....

"Mr. President?"

...this will get you Toby. I stop in front of the door and turn as
quickly as I can, with a large smile, I stand with my feet apart, my
hands spread open, and two fingers on each hand, a spitting image of
Nixon. "Bring It On."

I turn around just as quickly and walk out the door. That will give
them a story to tell their grandchildren.