Title: Man Of Steal.
Author: Jess Another Unofficial
Spoilers: The War at Home. Bartlets Third State of the Union
Disclaimer: The Characters belong to the West Wing and it’s creators. Not copyright
infringement is intended. This is non-profit and for pure enjoyment.
Rated: Probably mature a few made words but nothing not said at home. Serious discussions.
Summary: When Leo finally falls Jed, Abbey and the Staff help him back up.

“MARGARET!” Leo bellowed from the inside of his office. It was two o’clock in the morning and without realizing it he yelled again for his assistance, “MARGARET!” Once again upset about the absence of his red-headed assistance bouncing into the office asking, ‘what?’ he got up to see where she was. He walked into the outer office and was disturbed by the sight in front of him he glanced around to see that no one at all was even in the building. He looked up at the clock and sighed, “That would explain it, now wouldn’t it?” He muttered to himself and walked back into his office.

He sat down at his disk and pick-up the paper he had been working on. The paper was on the latest results of the State of the Union, although they weren’t bad, the results weren’t what they were hoping for. He was on his third page of polling numbers and looked down at the pile of five more. He had read the same line over four times without even realizing it and after becoming easily distracted he put the paper down, pulled his glasses off and rubbed his eyes. Abbey had told him many times to stop this habit saying ‘it scratches your eyes,’ but he always ignored it because it felt good when his eyes were tired and sore from reading such tedious things.

He shook his head and lifted his hand, he pulled away his sleeve to dread what he hoped wasn’t true, it was two thirty in the morning, he was tired and there wasn’t a whole lot of time for him to sleep left. He look up from his desk at his couch ‘ah what the hell?’ and wandered over. He took his tailored suit coat off and hung it over his chair, he pulled at his tie and after a few seconds finally loosened it enough to slip it over his head and toss on the chair along with his coat. He went to his closet and pulled out a blanket. He shook it several times because it had been months since it had last been used. He sat down on the couch, pulled his shoes off with tired shaking fingers, laid down and pulled the blanket up around his chin. He closed his eyes and fell instantly asleep which was rare for him.

~ The Next Morning ~

“Leo. Leo wake up. Leo?”

“Oh geez Margaret let me sleep would ya?” He turned over on to his side facing away from her.

“I would since you don’t very often, but you have a meeting with the President in twenty minutes and I don’t think he would like if I told him not to bother you because you were sleeping.”

“Yeah I don’t think he would too.” He grunted as he pushed aside the blanket to get up. “Can you get me a cup of coffee? I’ll be up in a few minutes.”

“Sure no problem.” She pulled a roll of papers out from under her arms and handed them to her. “It’s the ‘Times’ I know how you like to do the crossword in the morning.” She turned and walked away.

He glanced at the roll of papers and started to open them. He made it to the crossword before he slowly fell onto his side and closed his eyes. He laid there for a few minutes before he awoke to the sound of foot steps. He quickly scrambled to his feet and fixed his hair with his hands. The steps were just in the outer office when he grabbed his tie and slipped it over his head and pulled it tight.

Margaret appeared in the doorway. She stood there for a second and looked at him. There was something about him, but she didn’t quite know what it was, he didn’t seem right, he didn’t seem like Leo. She shrugged, “Here’s your coffee.” She turned and left, “meeting in five minutes, Oval Office.” She yelled from the reception area.

“Shit,” he muttered as he searched through the two thousand pieces of paper for the right one. He picked up about four or five neatly shuffled them and put them into a folder. He took a quick glance at his watch and opened the joining doors to the Oval Office.

He was greeted by a unusually happy president, “Gee Leo you look like crap.” He chuckled as he pointed to the couch for Leo to sit.

“Well sir, if I didn’t feel like it I would resent that.” He sat down, opened the folders. He carefully spread the papers out. “Well sir these are the results of the State of The Union. All in all you didn’t do to bad, but it wasn’t what we wanted. Joey Lucas suggests we ‘dial it up’ because we haven’t got our message out clear enough and people
are sitting on the fence. Frankly sir I agree, don’t get me wrong, we have dida great job so far, but not enough to change the minds of the Great American Public. They still want guns now, not five days later. They seem to think that guns will protect them from others who already have guns if they can get them now instead of five days later.”

“I guess they forgot about the whole assassination attempt that unfolded a few months back which I and Josh were shot and don’t forget the many lives put in danger. How can people not see that there is a problem when my and I staff are shot at because my daughter is involved in a interracial relationship? Do they not see that there is a problem when someone needs a gun this very second? They all seen the effects of being shoot at, they seen us. Many of us I don’t think have completely healed.” The President was on his feet pacing.

“I know which is exactly the reason why we need to get this message out. So that we are the last this will happen to. We are close to passing this bill and we will. It will just take time and persuasion.”

Bartlet put his head down. He sat like that, perfectly still, for a few minutes before looking up at Leo. “I hope your right Leo.” He sighed, “Do me a favour would ya?”

“What’s that?”

“Pass the bill.”

“Yes sir.” Leo gathered his papers, put them in his folder. He looked up and smiled at the president as he turned and walked out.

“And Leo?”

“Yes sir?” He called from the doorway.

“Get some sleep. You look like something the dog dragged in.”

“Whatever.” He laughed and closed the door behind him.

He sat back in his chair and pulled out a few pieces of paper. “Margaret?” He put the pieces of paper in front of him and grabbed a pen.

He assistant came bouncing in, “What?” Leo chuckled for a second as he though back to the previous night.

“Where’s that coffee I asked for?” She started to leave. “Get Josh in here would you?” He started to write some names down on the paper. Next to each name he wrote a
few numbers and some point form notes.

Josh appeared in the doorway, “You rang?”

“Sit down.”

“What’s up?” He took Leo seriously when he realized he didn’t look up or crack a smile when he came in.

“I need you to go see these senators,” he handed him the paper. “You do whatever it is we need to get these five senators to say yes. The president wants this bill Josh, and you know why.”

“Yeah. Okay I will meet with them for lunch over the next few days. I will do what I can and work the Lyman magic on them.” Leo began to open his mouth to
protest but Josh stopped. “Don’t worry I want this bill too, I’m not going to screw around.” Leo nodded and put his glasses back on.

Josh turned on his heels to leave and stopped for a second as if he wanted to say something but decided against it and continued.

“Margaret my coffee?” He glanced at his clock it was only 10:00 and he was tired. Margaret appeared and set his coffee down on his desk, walked out and closed the door. Leo took a drink of his coffee. It felt so good going down. He stopped and thought for a while then continued on with his work.

It had been quite a bit later when Margaret appeared in the doorway with a tray of food. On it was a tuna sandwich and some orange juice. She set it down on the table and looked at him. He chuckled, “Margaret what the hell are you doing?”

“Bringing you something to eat.”

“What am I 5 years old.”

“No your 55, you haven’t eaten all day, you look tired, you’ve been stressed, and
you look like crap. So eat.”

“All right.” He set the paper he had been working on and sat down in front of the table. He picked up the sandwich and took a couple of bites. She was standing there watching him. “Don’t you have work to do?” She turned and left. He ate a few more bites of his sandwich and decided to lay down for a second.

~ Oval Office ~
3 Hours Later


“Yes sir?”

“What’s next?” President Bartlet got up and walked around to his desk. He took his glasses off and put his papers away. He cleaned up his desk a bit as Charlie walked up in front of him.

“You have a meeting with Mr. McGarry. Then with Toby.”



“Oh,” he thought for a second and looked at his desk then back up. “Where is

“In his office sir. Do you want me to go..”

“No, no, no, that’s fine I will go see what’s keeping our grouchy friend.” He laughed at the smile that grew across Charlie’s face.

He opened the joining doors and was surprised by the scene that had awaited him. He looked around the room, the door leading to Margaret was obviously locked, the sandwich on the table only half eaten and papers scattered all across the desk. Leo was sitting on the couch with his held tilted back leaning on the back of the couch, his arms laid out on his sides, his feet slightly apart and several folders on the ground which had obviously fell out of his hands. Jed Bartlet slowly walked towards his Chief of Staff careful not to startle him. He squatted down next to the couch and reached him arm somewhat hesitantly onto Leo’s shoulder. He took hold of the shoulder tightly,
“Leo? Leo wake up. Come on Leo.” He didn’t get much more than a grumble. He reached his hand up to Leo’s forehead. He was definitely warm. He got up and walked over to his desk to call Abbey.

Toby entered the Oval Office and walked into the open doors leading to Leo’s office. “Sir what’s going on? You told me to meet you in your office at 7:30.” He looked
over a Leo with alarm. “Jesus. What the hell’s wrong?” He walked over to Leo and bent down in front of him to get a good look at him.

“I don’t know Toby. I just called Abbey she should be here any second.” He went over to the joining doors to his office as Abbey appeared in his office. He waved her over.

“Where is he?”

“On the couch.”

She entered the room to see Toby standing next to Leo. She was shocked at first to see Leo in such a state. She crouched down in front of him. “Leo honey wake up.” There wasn’t an answer his eyes just flickered. She put her hand on his knee and reached up to brush his hair aside. “He’s warm.” She readjusted herself. “Leo honey you
have to get up.” She put her hand in his, “Leo if you can hear me close your fist.”

Jed and Toby both waited in anticipation for his hand to close. Slowly but controlled his hand became closed around hers.

“Leo can you try and open your eyes.” They slightly flickered. “Come on Leo you can do better than that. I want to see those beautiful eyes.”

He slowly with much effort opened them. Jed and Toby closed in a little to get a good look at him. Toby was beginning to get worried and Jed was far past worried. He was about to say something but Abbey’s hand came up in protest.

She turned her attention back to Leo. “Leo do you know where you are?”

He slowly nodded.

“Can you tell me where?”

He eyes opened a little wider and surveyed the room. “Work?” He closed them again.

“Abbey what the hell is wrong?” Jed was growing antsy.

“Hold on.” She did a quick analysis and turned towards Toby and Jed. “I think he has the flu, that with the added stress and running himself ragged, he’s to the point his body won’t function right. He needs to rest for a few days. I want to take him to the residence with us, I want to watch him for a few days.”

Jed nodded. “Okay we’ll help him to the residence. We’ll take the back way. Toby if anyone asks just tell them the truth this isn’t a big deal we don’t need to lie about it.”

“Sure. Okay”

They both walked over to Leo. Abbey leaned over him. “Leo honey open your eyes.” She waited for him to look at her. “I know your tired so Jed and Toby are going to help you up to the residence to sleep. okay?”

He’s mouth opened and although it wasn’t audible it was a ‘yes.’

“Jed and Toby are going to grab your arms to help you stand. Is that okay?”

He was trying desperately to keep his eyes open, ‘yes’ came the slight whisper.

Jed grabbed his right arm and Toby his left and on the count of three they managed to get him standing. He clearly sagged between them. Toby looked at him and helped him steady, “You ready Leo?” he nodded. They walked through the Oval Office and out the doors to the residence.

Halfway there Leo’s legs gave out and all three of them almost fell to the ground. Jed and Toby set him into a sitting position on the ground. Abbey rushed over to check on Leo. She softly chuckled a bit, “Leo you can’t fall asleep yet you have to get up.” He opened his eyes, and they were pleading for him to rest. She stood and went to get a few agents to help.

A few minutes later he was resting in one of the spare bedrooms. Abbey checked him over, while Toby and Jed sat in the living room. She took his coat and tie off to do a
better examination. After she had confirmed what she thought she went to go see her husband and Toby.

Toby was a little frightened. Something’s wrong with Leo, he is sitting with the president in the residence who is clearly worried and he doesn’t know what to say to make him fell any better. Unsure of how to behave in such a situation he is happy to see Abbey return.

She stands in front of them. Toby stands in her presence and she waves her hand for him to sit. “He'll be fine. I gave him something to get the fever down and to let him sleep.”

The president looks up doubting her. “He sure as hell didn’t look fine to me.”

“Your right he isn’t fine right now.” She sighed, “What I’m trying to say is he will be fine with a few days rest. The past few weeks have caught up with him. The hostage situation. the state of the union, the gun control bill, and the thoughts of re-election. Included with that list is the beginning of the flu, which luckliy I caught before he need hospital stay. I will be here for a few weeks and you guys are going to promise to let him rest for a week I will let him stay here.”

“Abbey,” Toby finally spoke up. “I, um... When can we, ah.. Can we see him?” He wanted to make sure Leo was fine.

“Not right now. It’s probably best that you tell the staff. You guys can come see him tomorrow afternoon, when he can keep his eyes open and speak. Until then let him sleep.”

“Okay, I’m going to go back to the West Wing and let the staff aware of the situation before they go home. Goodnight Mr. President, Mrs. Bartlet.” He turned and left.

Abbey watched as Toby left and closed the door behind him. She took a seat next to her husband on the couch. She put her cool hand under his shirt on his back. He sat there with his head down. “He’s fine Jed.”

“I shouldn’t have pushed him so hard to get that bill to pass. I want it bad though, I told him to do whatever he can to get that bill signed. He came into the office this morning looking tired as hell, he looked like shit. I should’ve told him to go home.”

“It’s okay Jed he understands. If he didn’t, he would’ve went home. He wants that bill past as bad as anyone does who has been a victim of a gun crime.”

A tear slowly slid down his check. “I was scared as hell a few months ago. I have never been so scared in my life not when I was diagnosed, when Leo went to war or when I was inaugurated. I was scared for Zoey, Charlie, Leo, Josh, CJ, Sam, Toby and every other person there. I seen everyone fall to the ground in front of me. I wanted to so badly go and help them but I couldn’t, there was nothing I could do but watch. I was scared as hell then and I’m as scared as hell now.”

“Honey I told you Leo is going to be fine.”

“It’s not that. It’s how the public realizes our gun control problem and doesn’t want to help. I’m scared for all those people who have died from guns, who are going to die from guns before we pass this bill and those people who are going to die there after if we don’t pass this bill. I sincerely hope that this bill will help.” He put his head down. He didn’t want his wife to see him cry.

Abbey sat with him. She knew he was crying his whole body was shaking. She pulled him down into her and they laid there on the couch until his body finally stopped quivering and he had fallen asleep.

She sat with him for awhile before slowly sliding herself from underneath him and covered him with a blanket. She slipped out of the room to check on Leo. It had been a few hours since they had got him to the residence. She slowly opened the door. He was still sleeping. She came in closer to get a good look at him. He was very quite his breathing was deep a slow, which was good. She put her hand across his forehead, he moved a bit under her touch. He was only a bit warm. He opened his eyes a crack. She bent down and whispered quietly. “Hey there Leo. You comfortable?” He shook his head. “No? What’s wrong?”

“I don’t feel good and I feel hot.” He spook so soft it was just audible.

“Well that’s what happens when you don’t get enough sleep. You wore yourself out Leo and made yourself sick. If you want I can help you out of your clothes?”

He nodded.

“For someone who always has an opinion is being very quit.” He didn’t answer her. “I’ll be right back. I’m going to go get some clothes from Jed for you.”

She left and returned a few minutes later with a white shirt and flannel pants. “This is all I can find that will fit you. I can’t dress you myself so your going to have to help.” She grabbed hold of his hands and pulled him up into a sitting position. She carefully unbuttoned his shirt, took it off and put on the white T-shirt. She swung his feet over the edge of the bed. “Okay Leo I got your shirt on. Do you want to put the pants on your self?” She chuckled a bit. “Or do you want me to help?”

He slowly stood up and began to undo his pants. It was a good thing he decided to wear boxers yesterday. He sat back down and pulled his feet out, then put the flannel pants on. He stood up once more to pull the pants all the way up. He sat down and Abbey helped him under the covers.

“You know your amazing Leo. You did that whole thing with your eyes closed. No wonder you can run a country.” She went into the bathroom to retrieve some aspirin
and water. “Take this it will help the fever and let you sleep.”

He took it gratefully. “Thanks Abbey. For..um, everything.” He laid back down. “Where’s Jed?”

“He’s sleeping in the living room. He’s was worried about you, and so was everyone else. I guess your not the man of steal you thought. He was scared”


“I know you are.” She got up to leave.

“Abbey tell Jed thanks and I love you guys.”

She smiled, “Okay” and left. She could feel the lump in her throat grow until the tears were finally visible.

~ The Next Morning ~

“So you feeling better?” He closed the door behind him and walked up to his friend.

Leo turned his head. “Yeah. I want to thank you for last night. What you and Abbey did was...well...I love you guys.”

Jed smiled. “Don’t forget Toby. He helped carry you up here.”

“Toby help you carry me. Geez I must’ve been out.” He turned his head to look out the window. “Toby...he touched me. No offense to him but I can’t see him doing such a thing.”

“Well if you were able to keep your eyes open for more than two seconds yesterday you would’ve.” He walked up to the bed and sat down on the edge. “You should tell me when your tired Leo. Your not 20 anymore you have to slow down. You scared the hell out of everyone yesterday.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry too.”’

Leo chuckled, “Your not going to fire me are you?”

“I was thinking about it but here’s the deal.” Jed gave him his presidential smile. “Your going to stay here today and tomorrow. Your not going to work on Sundays. Your going to come in at 7:30 like everyone else and leave and go home every night like everyone else.”

“I have to stay here? With you? for two more days?”

“You bet your tired little ass. Look at the bright side your going to be the first person in history to have the President of the United States and The First Lady cater to them.” He got up and headed for the door. “I have staff. Abbey should be here in a bit. There are also four kids downstairs that are dying to see you. They will be here at four o’clock so wear your best PJ’s”

“See ya later Jed. Thanks.”

“Anytime, but not too soon.” He shut the door behind him.

~ Outside the Residence ~
3:45 PM

They were all gathered outside the main door to the residence. Sam was standing next to the door with CJ next to him. Toby was sitting in a chair. While Josh was pacing back and fourth.

“You know your going to wear a hole in the presidential carpet.” CJ stated while Josh stopped and looked up.

“Knock”  Josh said.

“What?” CJ looked back at him.

“Knock on the door.”

She stood there in disbelief. “You want me to knock on the presidents door?”

“Yeah what’s so strange about that?”  Josh inquired.

Toby finally spoke up. “Josh sit down. Sam knock.”

“I’m not...” Sam started.

The door opened. “Don’t worry you don’t have to. Guys come on in.” The president gestured them into the room. He helped CJ out of her coat. “You guys can put your coats in the closet. Calm down a bit would you, it’s not like you haven’t been in the same room with me before.”

He led them up to the family room. Leo was watching ‘Who line is it anyway?” and eating popcorn. They walked in the door behind him. CJ burst out laughing.

Leo turned, “What?”

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing.”


Josh stepped in, “I think she is referring to the White House Chief of Staff watching a comedy and eating popcorn. Having fun there boss?”

“Josh shut up would you.”

“Now that’s the guy I know.” Sam laughed at him.

“Okay kids calm down Leo needs rest. Lets not get the mad man going.” Jed sat down on one of the chairs. “Now like I said no work and all play. Now you  guys think I’m some boring geek, but I insist I’m not.”

Toby mumbled loud enough for everyone to hear “We wouldn’t say that about you sir.”

“I’ll bet. Anyway I got a movie called ‘The American President.’ I also took it upon myself to order pizza. I hope everyone likes supreme. I also got for the luxury of our beer drinkers Corona beer with the little limes. For you Leo I got Gingerale helps with the fever. Please have a seat.”

~ 2hrs and a half later ~

Leo was spread out on the couch. The President was laying on the floor on his back. CJ was laying next to him she had a pillow jammed into his side with her head on it. Toby sat on the chair next to Leo with his coat, tie and shoes off and his feet on the table. Josh sat on the floor with his back up against the couch that Leo was occupying. Sam was also on the floor sitting cross legged with a beer between his legs. The coffee table had been pushed aside and was covered in pizza boxes and empty beer bottles.

Jed was the first to speak, “You know I’m a much better president than president Marshall. I knew about my rose garden.”

“Not until you were playing football with Zoey and fell into the bushes.” Everyone chuckled at Leo’s remark remembering Abbey pulling thorns out of the President. “I’m also a better Chief of Staff. This guy sucks.”

“Hey I like him. He handsome and he’s cool.”  The president remarked.

“Whatever." Leo murmered

“Did you just give the President sass?”  Jed implied.

Toby grumbled “Will you kids be quiet?”

“I hope that was said with all due respect of me Toby. Cause I can have you transferred to Yemen.”

“Can I have his desk?”  Sam asked.

Toby had about enough, “Everyone quit and no Sam you cannot have my desk.”

The credits began to role. “That was so sweet.” CJ had tears coming out of her eyes.

“Hey I can be a sweet president.”  Jed looked down at CJ, who had made herself comfortable with a pillow jammed up against him.

CJ looked up at him, “I know.”

They all sat there together for a few moments in silence. It had been along time since they had did such a casual thing with the President. The screen turned white as the film ended. Toby was the first to speak, “Mr President thanks for the evening it was very enjoyable and you’ve proven you are not the geek everyone thinks you are.” He got up and grabbed his coat, tie and shoes.

“Thanks Toby.” The president moved slowly to warn CJ he was going to get up. She moved the pillow away so he could stand.

Sam and Josh gathered their things. The President lead them to the door. He opened the closet and handed them there coats. He helped CJ into her coat.

“Is Leo sleeping?” Josh asked as he put his shoes on.

“Yeah I’m going to let him sleep. I want to thank you guys for coming. He needs sometime to have fun with you guys. He doesn’t say it a lot and neither do I but we love you guys and we appreciate everything you do for us.”

“Thanks Mr. President.” Toby reached out his hand and shook the Presidents. Sam and Josh followed suit and thanked him.

CJ bent down and kissed him on the cheek, “Thanks very much Mr. President.” She walked out the door behind the rest of the guys.

Josh was halfway down the hall when he turned around. “At the Pleasure of the President and his Chief of Staff.” He waved his hand and rounded the corner after everyone else.

President Bartlet smiled and returned to the family room to check on Leo.

~ Oval Office ~
Two Weeks Later

“So you think we have it Leo?”

“I think so sir. Josh has to convince one more person and we have the bill. We were working on it all night and we might have done it.”

“Yes. In years to come when children are siting in there history class their teachers will be talking about today and how the Bartlet administration passed the Gun Control Bill.”

“Okay. Thanks Mr. President.” Leo gathered up his papers and left.

President Bartlet walked around to his desk. “Charlie!” He sat down and put his glasses on. Charlie walked in, “What’s Next?”

“Well sir, you have a bill here for $150 for the carpet that needed to be cleaned because you spilt beer on it. You have a meeting with Vice President Hoynes at noon. Your supposed to order flowers for Abbey.”

“How come?”

He picked up his notebook and read what it said, “For all that she did for Leo and.....” Charlie squirmed.

“Oh yeah.”

“You also have to sign these letters for all the grade school students that wrote an essay into the White House.” He sat the stack down on the desk.

“How many?”

“338, Sir.”

“Okay. Thanks Charlie.”

Charlie walked out. The President picked up the pen and began to read the note that he was signing. He was in a happy mood the Gun Bill had a good chance of passing. He was thinking about what Leo said. He stopped and replayed the conversation in his head, ‘we were working on it all night.’ Damnit he should’ve went home.

He walked over to the joining doors. He walked into Leo’s office and smiled. The lights were off and he was sleeping on the couch with a blanket on him. There was a little sign on the table that said, ‘leave me alone I’m tired, grouchy, and I need to sleep.’ With that he turned and walked out.

The End