Title: "Oh, say, can you sea!!"
 Author: Jess Another Unofficial
 Spoilers: None so far
 Rating: G - not even h - e - double toothpick, a first for me.
 Category: General - Jed Angst
 Disclaimer: None of these great characters are mine.
                 Although, I wish they were. They are actually
                 the work of creative genius Aaron Sorkin.
                 I'm just borrowing them for awhile
 Summary: Add an ocean of water, a cup of Josh and a pinch of football to get your Jed-angst-fill for the day.
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 Authors Note: Thanks to Anne for getting me out of writers block very quickly.
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 "Josh what is all this crap?" CJ asked as she stepped in behind Josh.

 "My stuff for the trip."

 "And they say women pack a lot. You have enough for ten women."

 "Best to come prepared. You can't go away on vacation and expect to live without the essentials."

 "And they are...you're entire house?"

 "Close enough. I have my clothes, my sandals, my bathroom stuff, my sunglasses, my towel, my inflatable donut, and most importantly my football."

 "You're going to play football on Sam's yacht? Where?"

 "On deck, gesh, do I have to think of everything?" Josh shoved his bag on to the boat deck. He was honestly getting tired of hauling the weight around. Maybe CJ was right, he had too much, the only thing was he didn't know what to leave behind. He jumped into the boat after it, barely stirring the water under the 68 foot yacht.

 "Good morning Sam." Josh called out.

 "Good morning Josh."

 "Morning Josh." Leo peered over the captains quarters down at Josh.

 "Leo you're here already?"

 "Yeah, it's a beautiful day. Figured it was best to get an early start. That and I had to be here when the Service inspected the boat."

 "It's more like a yacht Leo." Josh yelled up to Leo.

 "But it costs more like a ship." Sam interjected from the bow of the boat. He and an agent were busy cleaning the kelp of the front of the boat. "I traded in one of my sail boats and sold my condo in Keywest."

 "You have a condo in Keywest?" Toby asked as he approached the yacht with his weekend luggage, which was far less than Josh's.

 "'Had' Toby. I 'had' a condo in Keywest. I sold it because I've been a little busy the last few years working for you."

 "And what? I don't get any recognition for keeping you at the office late?" President Bartlet and the First Lady approached the boat. Unlike the others there was no luggage in hand. However, there were two agents with them, one of whom struggled with two bags.

 "Good Morning sir." Everyone sounded off, in the routine like way they were trained to.

 "Hey guys." Jed stepped down into the yacht, careful not to end up in the ocean. He turned to his wife to help her in, she reached out and grabbed his hand. Josh closed the small gap between himself and the First Lady and offered an arm as well.

 "How's it going ma'am?"

 "Not to bad Josh. It's a beautiful day, and none of us are in the office."

 "Not to mention almost a normal-person day for me." Jed added.

 "I'm sorry sir?"

 "He means there are only three agents."

 "Well sir I don't imagine there is much chance of an assassination out in the Atlantic Ocean."

 "At least I hope not Josh." Jed released his grip from his wife's hand when she safely stepped onto the yacht's deck. "So Sam where are we headed?"

 "About 50 miles off shore and 150 miles south. We are going to cut the engine and float along the Gulf Stream back to where we started." Sam pulled the large broom out of the water, and he and the agent secured it to the railing. "You guys ready?"

 "Yeah let's go."

 "Sure thing sir." Sam jogged across the deck and into the Captains seat as an agent pulled the ropes into the boat.

 Somewhere off the East Coast in the Atlantic Ocean

 Josh had his football in hand. Consistently tossing it from his left hand to his right, stopping occasionally to emphasize a point with his free hand. His conversation with CJ was starting to get a little strong. Like always, where ever CJ and Josh were together there was a discussion about who was smarter, who went to a better school and all the other childish banter between them.

 "I swear to God I will toss you two over board." Toby interrupted.

 "I agree with Toby." Leo added.

 "I second that. Besides we all know anyone who went to Notre Dame is smarter." Jed stated.

 Josh began to open his mouth as Toby, Leo, CJ, Sam and Abbey all sat wide-eyed waiting for his idiotic counter. "We don't compare you. Your intelligence is off the chart. I'm sure if you went to MacDonald's flip-burgers-and-earn-an-education plan you would still outsmart any of us."

 I gust of air blew by as five people released the breath they were holding. It seemed Josh would live to see another day. "Thanks Josh. Always knew you were my favourite." Jed leaned back in his chair and clapped his hands loudly together.

 Josh thought a second before extremely carefully tossing the ball to the president. He figured he would take the careful approach, he knew his president as well as the next person. He knew the president and recreational activates did not mix well. Jed caught the ball with ease and tossed it back, giving his wrist a quick flick to add a spiral to the fast returning ball. Josh caught the ball with stunned silence.

 "I had a friend who was quarterback for Notre Dame. We used to toss the football around all the time, he showed me a few things. CJ, Josh, Notre Dame is also good at sports."

 "I'm sorry sir, I can't see you playing football." Toby placed his drink on the deck table. He was a little intrigued with the last few minutes and wanted to learn a little more.

 "I was good, I helped Steve train all the time."

 "He did." Leo spoke up.

 "He also helped me train for my Medical Degree." Abbey smiled. "I'm an expert at wrapping sprained fingers."

 "Don't forget the time he ran into the tree." Leo laughed. "Or when he fell into the pond."

 "Or the time when he was clothes-lined by a clothes-line. My personal favourite was when he ran into that bush and got stuck. It was great guys, the runningback had to help him out." Abbey was nearly in tears laughing.

 "Abbey, must we tell them everything?"

 "Jed, that isn't even close to everything. Our vacation is only three days long."

 "I'll show you. Josh get up." Jed rose up out of his seat. Spreading out as far away from Josh as he could. They both stood, backs to the railings. Josh carefully tossed the ball to Bartlet. "Oh come on Josh. A little more heat."

 The next pass was a little quicker, followed by a harder throw and another harder throw. Jed was yet to drop one, each time grasping the ball and bringing it into his chest. Followed by a perfect throw back to Josh. Josh pulled his arm back, ready to launch. In mid throw a sea swell caused the boat to shake a bit and Josh to stumble. The senior staff laughed as Josh fell back and grabbed onto the railing to keep himself from falling in. Jed reached for the out of control ball, trying to keep it from going over. Leaning back all he heard were shouts of distress before disappearing under the blue waves.

 It wasn't even less then 3 seconds after the initial sound of breaking water, that there were three more. It was Josh who hit the water first, followed by Toby and a secret service agent. As each one left the deck they were meet by a deafening silence in the water, no sound of water movement at all. On deck, everything was but silence. The two remaining agents tried desperately to control the remaining staff and the First Lady from jumping in themselves. One agent reached into his coat and pushed the invisible button on his belt buckle, signalling for help.  Silence fell over the boat as Josh, Toby and the agent surfaced without the president.

 "Where is he?" Leo yelled impatiently.

 "We can't see anything." Toby answered.

 Sam turned and jumped down the stairs into the lower cabin, not even bothering with the stairs. He pushed aside the carpet to reveal a door. He tugged at it, finally prying the large door open he reached in and grabbed something before hurrying back to the deck. He pushed past the agents, who at this time knew not to stop him. Sam threw three pairs of glass goggles into the water for Toby, Josh and the agent.

 After a brief struggle the three dove back under the water. Abbey watched in horror as they surfaced and dove again and again and again. Each dive adding another tear to her already stained face. CJ embraced her while Leo looked over the edge waiting until he could be of use.  

 Panic was sensible in the air, it had already been three minutes since Jed disappeared under the ocean's surface. Reality was growing more horrific with each second until Toby's voice caught the attention of everyone. Josh and the agent swam to Toby's side, throwing off there goggles and helping him support the president.

 Sam found a rope and looked hesitantly at the end. He needed something to tie to the end to so he could throw it. Leo knew just as well as Sam that it is impossible to throw a rope. Running to Josh's chair, he picked up the inflatable donut. It was heavy enough to be thrown and it would float. Sam tied the rope to the rubber tube and tossed it in.

 CJ held on tight to Abbey both to comfort her and to keep her from jumping in. From shore they all could tell the president was not conscious.

 The agent reached out for the tube and brought it to Toby. They both grabbed one of the presidents arms and the tube as Leo, Sam and the agents pulled them in. Josh swam behind in case something should happen. They were pulled right up to the stern, were they were meet by a hoard of worried people. The two agents helped pull the president on the deck, while Sam and Leo helped Toby, Josh and the agent out of the water.

 Abbey broke through the group and knelt next to her husband.

 "Someone get some blankets." Abbey ordered. It wasn't surprising the everyone jumped at the opportunity to find something to help. Sam ran down to the bathroom to get the first aid kit, hoping it would help some.

 Abbey leaned over and pressed her head against her husbands chest. Tears came to her eyes as she heard the steady thumbing of his heart. "He's breathing." She announced, and everyone around began to breath, themselves, again. She straightened both his legs and extended his arms along his sides. She placed her hands on his head checking for any type of abrasion. She was answered with a small, but audible groan. "Shhh..it's okay honey. Just lay still."  She moved down towards the right side of his head to get a closer look. "The back of his head is a bit swollen. He might of hit it off the boat." She reported.

 Everyone looked down as Jed's lips began to move, although nothing was audible furthermore understandable. Abbey leaned down just above his head to listen better.

 "What did he say?" Leo asked.

 "His leg. He says it hurts." They all looked at his legs to see red oozing out from his pant leg. She moved down towards his leg. Taking the scissors out of the first aid kit she removed the lower part of his pants to uncover his battered shin.

 CJ flinched at the sight and buried her head in Toby's shoulder. Josh turned his head, remembering the last time he'd seen that much blood.

 Abbey paused for a second. Taking in the extent of the injury before continuing, the deep gash would probably require surgery. She searched through the first aid box to find something to clean the womb. Coming across a small bottle of antiseptic, she dried the womb. Opening the bottle she began to pour the liquid.

 Up until now Jed had been very quite, but the contact of the clear liquid to the lesion on his shin, sent a shrill cry through his lips. The gut-wrenching sound caused tears to form in everyone's eyes.

 Jed desperately was trying to sit up, but he found himself pinned down by Leo and Sam. The weight of the two grown sized men was barely enough to contain him as he fought back. As the pain began to subside Jed relaxed allowing Sam and Leo to back away.

 Abbey ordered Sam to help Toby, Josh and the agent get out of there clothes and find them something warm to wear. She handed CJ and Leo a pair of scissors. They both looked at their instruments quizzically. "Remove his shirt, his coat, and his shoes."  Abbey continued to dress the gash on his shin.

 "Leo?" All three stopped and looked back at the president.

 "Yes sir?"

 "Where is Abbey?"

 Leo looked hesitantly at Abbey. He should know where Abbey is, he thought. Abbey thought the same thing. "She is fixing your leg."

 "Oh.......is it alright?"

 "Yeah honey it will be fine." Abbey reassured both her husband and CJ who was close to tears as she struggled with the last piece of clothing. Abbey placed the injured leg on a stack of towels to keep it off the damp floor.

 Grabbing a few blankets CJ, Leo and Abbey managed to slide the warm blankets under Jed to keep him away from the cold floor. His teeth were starting to chatter as he became colder and colder. Using a large coat that Sam brought, they wrapped his upper body in it to keep it warm. As the shivering continued Leo looked at Abbey waiting for guidance, when she nodded, he knew exactly what she meant.

 Returning only  a few short seconds later, Leo had a small black bag with him. Inside he removed a syringe filled halfway with a lucid liquid. Everyone onboard knew what was in the syringe, but no one said a word as the First Lady inserted it into the presidents arm.  

 Leo gave CJ a nudge, signalling her to leave with him. He handed Abbey some more blankets and towels before sitting with the rest of the group.

 Abbey placed the blankets around herself and her husband as she snuggled up against him for warmth. The ship was big, but not big enough for complete privacy. However, the senior staff were family and at this point, they wouldn't care if the world watched them lay next to each other.

 She stroked his hair out of his face, "I'm impressed. For someone who complains a lot you aren't saying to much."

 "Oh....How about Ouch?" He smiled and started to turn his head.

 "No honey, keep yourself still. When you move heat escapes."

 "Is everyone else okay?"

 "Yeah they are fine."



 "You know the list?"

 "Of stuff your afraid of like: speed, fire, heights, and small places?"

 "Yeah. Add water, footballs, and Josh to the list."

 Toby, Sam and Josh appeared from below deck next to Leo and CJ.
 "Is he going to be alright?" Josh asked.

 Above, the whirling noise of 3 helicopters could be heard.

 "Yeah they are going to be fine." Leo answered.

 Adrenaline was running in over drive when the sound of three helicopters grew deafening overhead. Two men dressed in orange appeared at the rear door on the Coast Guard helicopter. Both of them were cautiously lowered to the deck of the boat, one at a time followed by a basket. Abbey's quick-fix bandage was just managing at this point, luckily the paramedics on board the helicopter would have better supplies. At this point all she was concerned with were his vitals, and they seemed normal. Her psychological stimulate: wounds heal. She gave her husband a kiss as the two men loaded him into a large basket. Leo held onto her arm, as Jed was removed from the boat, slowly and carefully. She wished desperately to travel with him, to comfort him, knowing he was frightened of heights, but she knew it was unsafe and would wait her turn. As the rope came back down, she stepped forward and allowed the attendant to attach a harness around herself.

 The whole operation took less than 10 minutes, loading the president, the first lady, and the chief of staff. The rest of the senior staff stayed behind with the agents to bring home the yacht. There were enough agents, and military personnel in the three helicopters to battle a small war, let alone protect the president. The engines began to whirl again with high speed as the Coast Guard and two Navy helicopters headed back towards shore.

 During the small flight back there was little conversation. The president was given a small dose of morphine to ease his pain, the first lady sat next to him, comforting him, the chief of staff sat a good distance away trying to give them some well deserved privacy. The aircraft descended with such ease the three occupants didn't even realize they were on solid ground until the doors flew open and a medical team began immediate care.


 The surgery took only a few hours. During which, many members of the medical team came to talk to them. They confirmed what Abbey already knew, that there was going to be some slight nerve damage, however it was repairable. As each member came and gone they relieved some of the tension in both Abbey and Leo.

 It was now quiet except for the rhythmic beeping of his heart monitor. She sat on the bed next to him, running her fingers through his hair. He stirred a bit before opening his eyes.

 "Hey beautiful." All she got was a small noise, but it meant a lot. "They repaired your leg, it's going to be fine."

 "Everyone else?"

 "They're fine baby. They are sitting in the waiting room."

 "Is Josh there?"


 "Tell him that maybe Notre Dame doesn't produce the greatest athletes."

 She chuckled. "You find the oddest times for sarcasm."

 "It's my God-given gift."

 "It's a good one."

 "Hey, it makes for good politics."

 The door creaked open, "Good evening, I'm Doctor Manz." He stepped forward and stopped just infront of the bed. "I have some good news for you. Tests show your vitals are normal and that nerve damage was minimal. There was a four inch gash along your shin, it was deep and it hit your bone. More than likely your leg hit the propeller, luckily the engine was not on." He stopped briefly before continuing. "We added a small metal plate to the fractured area to add support until the bone heals. I don't expect any paralysis from the injury."

 "That's good." Jed replied from his bed.

 "Very well, thank you Doctor." Abbey nodded and turned back to her husband once the door was shut again.

 "You know this is going to cause a lot of problems." Jed started.

 "What do you mean?"

 "The White House is full of metal detectors. How do you expect me to go from point A to point B?"

 She laughed as she leaned in to kiss him.


 He had never been so happy to sit through a boring staff meeting. He looked around at his staff, he had never been so proud to have known them. He couldn't help but marvel at the thought of them jumping into the water to save him. He didn't remember much of the accident, except for Toby's comforting voice when he found him.

 Leo's voice brought his thoughts to an end. "Sir? Sir?"


 "Did you have anything you wanted to add?"

 "Yeah. I wanted to thank you guys for what you did on the weekend. Leo, CJ, Sam, Josh and Toby without you guys I would not be here, both physically, on this earth and in this office. Thanks guys."

 "Okay........that's all." Leo wrapped up the meeting.

 "Josh, Toby could you guys stay a second?"

 "Sure sir."  Toby responded.

 Jed waited until the door clicked shut before continuing. "I wanted to personally thank you guys. I heard you two did a little presidential fishing in the Atlantic."

 "I didn't want to lose another father sir." Josh spoke up.

 "I felt the same way son." Jed continued. "Seriously you two, it means a lot to me. Thanks."

 "Thank you sir."

 "Thanks." Toby began for the door with Josh behind him. "See you later sir."

 "See you guys." Jed grabbed his cane and made his way back to his desk. "Charlie!?"

 "Yes sir?"

 "Any messages?"

 "Just this one."  Charlie handed the small memo over.

 Jed put his glasses on and unfolded the paper.

 We saved a friend, a brother, a father, a mentor and a husband.
 Why can't we save a president?

 Bring it On!

 Leo, Josh, CJ, Toby, Sam, Charlie, Donna

 A smile grew on his face before he folded it and placed it in his left pocket. In the same pocket he removed a dark blue pen, one that balanced just right. Using a small sheet of white paper he wrote a message and handed it back to Charlie. "Pass it around."

 Charlie left. Outside he opened the paper.