Best Actress in a Drama Series
Announcer: This is Allison Janney's third-consecutive win for this category (although we know that isn't true, the Emmy girl messed-up) for her portrayal of Press Secretary CJ Cregg on the West Wing.
    "Oh, Thank you. Gosh. No way. Thank you to the Emmy voters for this -- promotion! This is extraordinary, really, Aaron Sorkin, you have written a character with such respect and intelligence and wit. She inspires me. There isn't a day that does by that I don't realize how lucky I am to be a part of the West Wing. My cast members, you, I love you, your generosity, and your spirit, both professionally when we are working, and personally. You are the most amazing. Tommy Schlamme, Alex Graves for you incredibly directing and trusting me. I adore you. To the entire West Wing crew and family -- (stutters nervously, turns to Kelsey) Hi Kelsey how are you doing? --  My family and friends (she rattles off a list I honestly had know idea what she said). My family and friends I said that, but I have to apologize to them, thank you for putting up with me and that I love despite the fact I never see you. Thank you (she says something like "peace rest?" not sure. She was extremely nervous, she stuttered a lot and had a hard time getting it out.  She leaves parading her Emmy above her head.)