Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: John Spencer
Announcer: Born in Patterson, New Jersey. This is John Spencer's third Emmy nomination and first Emmy win for his role as Chief of Staff Leo McGarry on the West Wing.
John Spencer:
    "Wow, ah, look at my compadres. They are so happy for me, and that says it all about the West Wing. We were there. We work so hard to serve this brilliant writing. I serve at the genius and the art of Aaron Sorkin. One of the greatest writers of all time. An actor is only as good as the material he gets. We are getting gold, week after week after week. I don't know how he does it. An extraordinary cast of actors, each and everyone of them who makes me better than I am. Wonderful directors, Tommy Schlamme, passion artistic passion is boundless. John Wells, a gentleman and a scholar and a producer. You know I never wanted to do anything but act, it saved my life. It's the reason I get up in the morning. It's my opiate.  The prize for me was always getting my next gig so I could do this wonderful thing that I love. So this, my friends, is deliciously redundant. "