Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
Announcer: Stockard Channing was nominated twice before in this category, but this is here first Emmy for her role as First Lady Abigail Bartlet on NBC's the West Wing.
"Thank you, thank you so much. I'm really---I'm withering, I'm sorry. And thank you for letting me stand up. I really mean it. All of you at the Academy bless up. NBC, Warner Brothers. In my life Dan Gillham with whom I share my life. And luckly I have many friends, some which are my representatives. Andrea Eastman, Barbara Gill, Carry Ross, Chris Andrews. But on top of all this -- forgive me if I've forgotten anybody -- That's a wonderful bunch of people that's let me be a part of them. That's Tommy Schlamme, John Wells, Alex Graves and everybody else. You know who you are. And then there's this bunch over here, these wonderful women who I was nominated with. But on top of it all, I have to thank the sexiest man in hollywood, Aaron Sorkin. Thanks."

Yeah we are going to break the rules and throw in something non-wing, only because Stockard Channing is an amazing actress. She has equally deserved this awards for the past three years.
Supporting Actress Mini Series, Movie

    "Thank you, thank you. Obviously I do thank NBC, all you who had to the courage to put on this wonderful movie. Robert Spizel to direct it, and a wonderful cast. But really when it's all said and done this award belongs to Dennis and Judy Shepard and to Matthew (Applause) and to all those people that we know who are know longer with us, who have suffered from the inhumanity of there fellowman. May we never forget them. Thank you."