Outstanding Drama Series
Anouncer: This is the West Wing's third nomination and third win for outstanding drama series. The West Wing had 21 Emmy nominations. Speaking on behalf of the West Wing is writer/creator Aaron Sorkin.
(I'm going to write in here: Brad lifted Martin about 3 feet in the air. All you see is this over shot of the whole gang, you can barely make anyone out. Then this guy is suddenly towering over everyone, and the flash to Aaron and you can see Martin up in the air holding on to Richard trying to get down cause he's going to fall from laughing so hard)
Aaron Sorkin:
"Wow, we're just as surprised as you are. Alan Ball, Six Feet Under, if I was half the man I'd Ving Rhames this thing right over to you. But I think you know that isn't going to happen. Holy Moly, Alex Graves, Christmas, Lou Wells, everyone standing behind me. My other brother John Wells, cast and crew of the West Wing who I love going to work with. Everybody at NBC, Peter Roth and everybody at Warner Bros. Thank you very much. That's a terrific compliment for all of us. Thanks very much."