And It's Surely To His Credit
Reviewd by: Jess Another Unofficial
This is a good episode. It's what I'd call a 'filler' episode. It has a nice flowing story line, excellent writing and acting, but you'll find little references back to it in future episodes. There is no death threat, or nuclear arms pointed at the White House or any other parts of America. We get to learn a little more about Ainsley Hayes and her job at the White House. We also see a little more respect shown towards her at the end of this episode from the Senior Staff.
My favourite scene is the presidents address, and when Lionel Tribbey burts into the room. Had me laughing forever.
Also there is an excellent, highly rated, scene bewteen the president and First Lady. I loved this scene. Kinda shows how young and immature the president can act. A great Jed/Abbey scene, that I'm sure inspired lots of fan fiction.
I highly recommend watching this episode if it's on. But I wouldn't go out of my way as to buy this episode if you didn't see it.  Like I said, it's just a nice flowing episode.

The episode opens with Josh yelling from his office for Donna. He comes out at complains that he recieved another from his insurance company wanting him to pay a $50,000 hospital bill. He meets up with Sam who tells him not to worry about, but Josh seems to be more than worried. Josh disapears and Donna takes over next to Sam. They are walking through the halls, Donna is on her way to the Mural room. She is helping the president with the Radio address.
She leaves Sam and we follow her into the Mural room. She has a joke prepared for the group.
"My name is Donnatella Moss. I work here in the West Wing as an assistant to Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman. Which I guess makes me Deputy Deputy Chief of Staff."

Nothing. No one seems to understand the joke. Sam is in the hallway and gives her a thumbs up before leaving. Donna leads the groups into the Oval office explaining what is going to happen.  She tries another joke that is just as successful.  She hands him the speech and he starts, joking that it will only take once.
The president is only one or two sentences into the address before he stops and they have to cut. He seems confused with what 'leaf peeping' is. No one seems to answer.
Donna: "I better get some key chains."
Bartlet: "I heard that."
Donna is refering to a previous experience with this when it took him 11 takes to get it write, and she had to get keychains for everyone for putting up with it.
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We're back with Bartlet, he's on his fifth take.
Bartlet: "Fifth-take Bartlet. That's what Jack Warner used to call me."
Donna: "Did you really know Jack Warner Mr. President?"
Bartlet: "Yeah, because I used to be a contract player in Hollywood and I'm 97 years old."
We leave Bartlet and Donna for CJ and Toby. They meet up to next to each other in the hallway. CJ talking about her being the only person who has accepted Ainsley Hayes. Toby laughs that when she heard the news she slammed the door so hard she broke it.
Toby: "You heard the news and you  broke the White House."
CJ: "Yeah but I'm over it, and I'm saying other people aren't."
CJ says she is coming down on her side because everyone is being sexiest. That she is a good-looking, women, republican.
The conversation advances, and Toby informs him that Ed Barrie's doing Capital Beat. And they think he's going to denouce the president. Note: This guy is some Military General or something and he's gonig to talk about the status of the Military.
CJ gets Carrol to send him to her.
Onwards to Leo and Ainsley walking to Leo's office. She doesn't want to meet Lionel Tribbey, she doesn't want to be there when he finds out that she was hired. 
           (Loud Slam)
[Listen to a Sound Clip]
Tribbey: "Leo! I will kill people today, Leo! I will kill people with this cricket bat which was given to me by her Royal Majesty Elizabeth Windsor. Then I will kill them again with my own hands. Has anybody in this building heard of 'Contempt of Congress'? Congress will hold the White House in contempt Leo. Which is nothing compared to the contempt that I will hold the White House if this keeps happening."                                                                                          
Leo: "What'd we do?"
Tribbey: "Steve Joyce and Mark Brookline testified and Governmental Affairs that the White House couldn't produce the Rockland Memo because the White House didn't have the Rockland Memo."
Leo: "Do we?"
Tribbey: "Holding it in my hand, Leo!"
Leo: "I'm sure there's..."
Tribbey: "When your guys go to the Hill, they can't drop there testimony on my desk at 9:15 and testify at 9:30. I was ready to take a vacation Leo. I was going to go some place warm, with a beach, somebody bringing me drinks with little umbrellas in them. I had this whole thing closed. Now I have to go back up there, hat in hand because the circus is in town! Who's this?"
Leo: "This is Ainsley Hayes. She's scared of meeting you so be nice.
Tribbey: "The girls who's been writing the columns."
Leo: "Yeah."
Tribbey: "You're an idiot."
Ainsley: "Leo"
Leo: "She's not an idiot Lionel. She clerked for Dreifort."
Tribbey: "Well, Dreifort's an idiot."
Leo: "Dreifort's a Supreme Court Justice, Lionel, so let's speak of him with respect and practice some tolerance for those who disagree with us."
Tribbey: "I believe as long as Justice Drieforts is intolerant towards gays, lesbians, blacks, unions, women, poor people and the First, Fourth, Fifth and Ninth Amendments. I will remain intolerant towards him." (Towards Ainsley) "Nice to meet you." He begins to leave.
Leo: "She's working for you Lionel."
Tribbey: (turns around and comes back in the room) "Excuse me?"
Leo: "She's working for you. The president asked me to hire her for your office."
Tribbey: "The president of what asked you to hire her for my office."
Leo: "The United States."
Tribbey: (Laughing) "Excuse me." He leaves.
Leo: "I thought it went pretty well."
We go back to the Oval office where the president is still working on the address. We come up on Donna, we see she has her fingers crossed.
(Lionel burts in weilding his cricket bat)
Tribbey: "Mr. President have you lost what little is left of your mind? I can't possibly work like this."
Donna: "Oh dear God."
Sound Engineer: "Cut"
Bartlet: "I had it."
Tribbey: "Sir is this a bad time?"
Bartlet: "It's a bit of a bad time."
Tribbey: "Forgive me sir. But when you have a few moments I'd like to discuss the hiring of blonde and leggy fascsits whose knowledge does not include the proper order of the alphabet for positions of the White House Councel."
Bartlet: "And we will, Lionel. But right now, I don't know if  you've noticed but there are 30 or 40 other people in the room many of whom have donated significants amount of money to the Democratic Party. So perhaps we could get a tighter grip on our horses and we'll talk about it later."
Tribbey: "Yes. Well." (Turns to everyone) "Good morning, everyone." (Back to Bartlet) "Thank you Mr. President."
Bartlet: (nods and waits until he's out of the room) "Well. Obviously Lionel Tribbey is a brilliant lawyer whom we cannot live without. Otherwise there would be very little reason not to put him in prison. Let's try again."
Toby is in Sam's office. Sam's telling him about Josh's case. Sam mentions that if they can't figure out a solution, Josh may have to sue them.
Toby: "I like a country where you can sue the insurance company, but not the people who shot you."
Toby leavers back for his office. Sam stops and thinks about what Toby just said. He follows Toby back to his office.
Sam: "He can sue the people who shot him."
Toby: "The people who shot him are dead."
Sam: "No, hardly any of them are."

Donna is back in Josh's office. Apparently the president is on take 17 and he still hasn't nailed it. So she is bringing in a new audience. The phone rings, Donna tells Josh Sam wants him.
Josh: "Insurance Victory! 'And the weak shall be made mighty' Donna. Not 'Might is right', but rather 'Might for right'."
Sam's Office. Sam is telling him that this is there way in, that they could sopena everything.
Sam: "Josh, the Southern Poverty Law Center wants you to sue the Knights of the Klu Klux Klan for $100 million. "
Josh seems a little dazed, to say the least, at this recent realization.
Abbey Barlet comes into the reception just outside the Oval Office.
Abbey: "Charlie."
Charlie: "Good afternoon ma'am."
Abbey: "Charlie, is the president free for a moment?"
Charlie: "He's in the Roosevelt Room with some far East Advisors. Would you like me to.."
Abbey: "No, no, don't interupt him. Korea might have plutonium. Just give him a message for me. You'll want to write this down."
Charlie: "Sure."
Abbey: "Your blood pressure is 120/80."
Charlie: "How'd you know that ma'am?"
Abbey: "I'm saying his blood pressure...."
Charlie: " 120 over 80."
Abbey: "Your EKG shows a good sinus rythm. No evidence of ischemic discharge."
Charlie: "How are we spelling this?"
Abbey: "Doesn't matter. Your electrolytes and medobolic panels are within normal limits. Chest X-rays clear and prostate screen is fine."
Charlie: "Okay."
Abbey: "So we can have sex now."
Charlie: "Ok, that's not you and me right?"
Abbey: "Go."
Charlie: "Yeah."
[Listen to a Sound Clip]
(Charlie leaves and Abbey turns around and rests on Charlies desk.)
Mrs. Landingham: "Good afternnoon Mrs. Bartlet."
Abbey: "Good afternoon Mrs. Landingham."
Mrs. L "How are you doing today?"
Abbey: "Oh I'm just fine. Thank you."
Mrs. L: "Are you looking for the president?"
Abbey: "I imagine he'll be along in a moment."
(We hear a door slam off screen)
Barlet: "Really?!" (appears on screen)
Abbey: "Oh yeah."
Mrs. L: "Good afternoon Mr. President."
Bartlet: "Good afternoon Mrs. Landingham."
Mrs. L: "Is there anything I can..."
Bartlet: "Go away right now."
Mrs. L: "You seem a little tense."
Bartlet: "Not for long Mrs. Landingham."
Abbey: "Why don't we go inside?"
Bartlet: "Absoulutley."
Mrs. L: (following them) "Sir, would you like me to inform Mr. McGarry and the Advisors that they could.."
Bartlet: (Slams the door infront of her)
Abbey: "B.P. 120/80."
Bartlet: "Who cares? It's been 14 weeks. Do these curtains close?"
Abbey: "Not here Jed."
Bartlet: "Yes you're right.Where?"
Abbey: "How about our bedroom?"
Bartlet: "New Hampshires an hour and a half by plane, Abbey. I don't think I have that kind of time."
Abbey: "How about our bedroom in the residence?"
Bartlet: "Yes! We have a bedroom right here in the building! That was so smart. Let's go." (He grabs her and pulls her with him)
Abbey: (She stops and he swings back) "Jed."
Bartlet: "What?"
Abbey: "Korea. Plutonium"
Bartlet: "Oh God....I hate plutonium." (Hits his forehead)
Abbey: "We have to find time before 6:00."
Bartlet: "What happens at 6:00?"
Abbey: "I have to fly to Cochrane's Mills, Pennsylvania."
Bartlet: "Where the hell is Cochrane's Mills?"
Abbey: "Pennsylvaina."
Bartlet: "Right" (The air in his balloon seems to have deflated)
Abbey: "So you talk to Charlie. I'll talk to Lilly and we'll coordinate our schedules and find a free hour."
Bartlet: "I don't think it's going to take more than a couple of minutes, but I like your confidence." (He pulls her towards him)
Abbey: "Just get back to work."
Bartlet: "Can't we just close the curtains?" (Pulls her into a kiss)
Abbey: (She gives him a quick peck) "Just get back to work." (She laughs and quickly runs out before he goes any further)
CJ meets with an Aide to General Barrie. She's not at all happy with the General sending an Aide to deal with her. She tells the Aide she wants to see the General in her office.
 CJ: "Go back to the Pentagon right now and tell General Barrie CJ cregg says he's a coward."
Leo and Ainsley are together again. He's showing her to her office. And apparently it's in the most remote place in the White House. Leo didn't even know there were offices there. They travel through door after door, each time the sense of life deminishes.
Ainsley: "You've been really decent to me Leo."
Leo: "Kid, the others will come around."
Ainsley: "No they won't."
Leo: "See, you got to remember that the people you're talking about live their life under siege 24hrs a day, everyday. At the time in their lives when they're trying with all their might to do good. You're in their foxhole. Sam Seaborn had this innocent relationship with a girl -- Bam, here comes the enemy. I'm a recovering alcoholic -- Bam, Radio, TV magazines, cameras infront of my house. People shouting at my daughter at the ball game. Editorials, op-ed's, "He's a drunk. He's dangerous. He should resign."
Ainsley: "I wrote one of those op-ed pieces."
Leo: "I know."
So they find the episode eventually. It's far enough in the White House Leo has time to tell us his life story. It turns out she works in the Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Center. Leo tells her not to worry about anyone, that she is there to serve the President.

We are in Ainsley office, or rather the furnace room. We can hear noises outside and Ainsley thinks it's Leo until Tribbey busts in the room, with as little grace as before, except this time minus the cricket bat. He isn't happy that she is working in the White House. She says that she is serving her country, and feels this is her sense of duty.
Ainsley: "Is it so hard to believe that this day in age someone will role up there sleves, set aside partisinship and say 'What can I do?'"
Tribbey: "Yes."
Ainsley: (as he leaves) "The president is way to moderate for your taste."
Tribbey: "Excuse me?" (comes back in the room)
Ainsley: "Way to moderate......on affirmative action, capital gain, public schools, free trade. You left a luctrative practice in Chicago and a seven figure income. It wasn't out of duty?"
(Tribbey doesn't say anything. He thinks for a second before leaving.)
Outside of Sam's office Josh is following him around getting details about the connection between the Klu Klux Klan and the shooters who shot him. Sam rattles off all the connections (to many for me to comprehend and post. Gesh! Sorkin can write!). They walk together to Leo's office.
Leo tells Sam the Joyce and Brookline are at it again.  Leo asks Sam to talk to them, Sam suggests talking to someone in Governmental Affairs. Leo tells him that Tribbey already sent Ainsley (The conversation in her office from the last scene). Sam, isn't exactly happy, he's worried she'll leak the information to opposing parties.
Josh stayes and asks Toby and Leo what they think about sueing the KKK. They both aren't nuts about it because it can open up questioning like, "Did anyone sleep with a prostitue?" While irrelevant, the question can still be put on the floor, and it will be a story if it is answered or not.
Leo: "That said, say the word, and we'll take a leave of absence and join your legal team. "

Josh leaves. Toby follows soon after.
We break to an outside shoot of the Washington Monument, it's night. We here the engineer's voice over top that they are trying the Radio Address again. We come into the Oval Office, the previous group has been replaced by young kids maybe grade 1. 
Bartlet: (jokes) "Is this still my first term?"
They start.
Bartlet: "Good evening."
Charlie: "Cut"
Donna and Bartlet: "What!?"
Charlie: "It's morning."
Bartlet: "It's evening. It's dark outside Charlie."
Charlie: "It's evening now, Mr. President. It's morning tommorow."
Bartlet: "What time is it?"
Charlie: "It's 5:45 sir."
(Bartlet rummages through papers anxiously and quickly)
Donna: "Here we go."
Engineer: "In, five, four,.."
Bartlet: (Finally finds his watch) "Excuse me. No, I can't I gotta go."
Donna: (begining to protest) "Sir, I.."
Bartlet: "Kids, I am so sorry. I have to go to a special meeting of the Government. I will mail you all and autograph copy of the picture we took together and one day you'll all understand." (leaves)
Charlie: (follows him) "Mr. President."
Bartlet: (walking very fast not even looking back) "Take a break Charlie."
Charlie: "She's not there."
Bartlet: (spinning around) "I'm going to a special meeting.."
Charlie: "Of the government, yes sir. She had to leave for Pennsylvania early.  Would you like to come back inside and take another swing at the Radio Address?"
Bartlet: "Sure. Would you like to get that smile off your face before I send you on special assignment to the Yukon?" (walks past him back into the Oval)
Charlie: "Yes sir."
General Barrie burst into CJ's office, obviously pissed at being denounced by the White House Press Secretary. He goes on and on about the men he send into war and that she has the nerve to call him a 'coward'. She camly tries to tell him that he can't denounce the President on National TV, and that there Military readiness is at a top state. He says he'll be telling his story to Tim Russet.
CJ: "I said I don't think you will General. I notice amoung your many decorations is the Distinguished Combat Service Medal. You're wearing it right now as well as in numberous photographs including some taken with enlisted men in the field. You won it while on temporary duty with the Navy's U.S.S. Brooke. The thing is the Brooke was never fired on and it never shot it's guns. Right now, and in photographs, your wearing a medal you never won. How does that usually go over with the boys?"
Barrie: "He never served in uniform -- not once -- and he presumes --"
CJ: "Is there anything else sir?"
He doesn't say anything and just leaves.

We are back to Ainsley, she's walking down some hall towards the office that Joyce and Brookline work in. She wants to talk to them about the false testimony. She just tells them wants could have happened and be careful next time. They don't like listening to a republican.  She wants them to apologize to the majority counsel and the Speaker of the House because of their attitute during the testimony. They blow her off and leave.
Next we are outside the Residence. Bartlet tells his agents: "Guys it's very important that nobody tries to kill me in the next hour or so." The First lady is finally back and he couldn't be happier.
Abbey: "I am a little randy Jed."
Jed: "Good. Take your clothes off."
Abbey: "What ever happened to romance? A couple of cocktails, Mel Torme.."
Jed: "Get'em off." (He's already taking his shoes off)
She's in the bathroom changing, and he's fixing himself a drink. He's asking questions about were she went, and tells her she should've passed it on. He turns around with a drink in each hand, and she's standing with not much more than her shoes off.
Bartlet: "If you want I can have Charlie.....You haven't changed into the "Special Garment"."
Abbey: "Cochrane's Mills is where I went."
Bartlet: "Yeah. You know what I did just then that was stupid? I minimized the importance of the statue that was dedicated to Nellie Bly an extrordinary women whom we all own a great deal to."
Abbey: "You don't know who she is do you?"
Bartlet: "This isn't happening to me."
Abbey goes on explaining who Nellie Bly was. I have to admit it is impressive. She tells him that Nellie Bly was the tip of the ice berg, and goes on to tell him the rest of the ice berg. He is throughly disappointed.
Sam and Josh are together in Sam's office talking about the KKK thing. Sam see's Ainsley passes by and follows her out into the hallway. He tells her he didn't like her going off and fixing the Joyce/Brookline thing. Sam leaves and goes back to the office, but decideds there is one more thing she wants to say to her.
He's in the basement where her office is.
Sam: "Ainsley" (sighs) "Look.....Can I talk to you for a minute? All I was really trying to say..."
(He stops we he see's what she is looking at. A vase full of dead flowers with a card saying 'bitch'  in the middle)
Sam: "Who did this? Who did this?"
Ainsley: "I don't know"
Sam: "Yes you do."
Ainsley: "Don't worry about it."
Sam: "Who sent this?"
Ainsley: "Don't worry about it."
Sam: "Ainsley?.."
Ainsley: "Sam.."
Sam: "How did your meeting with Brookline and Joyce go?"
Ainsley: "It went great Sam. I talked to them for a couple of minutes and I think that --"
(He doesn't even wait to hear the rest before leaving.)
Ainsley: (sounding scared) "Sam!"
We go to Brookline and Joyce's office. Sam bursts in (yeah there is a lot of bursting in this episode LOL). He's royally pissed at them for what the did. He tells him when he writes something "I sign my name."
Sam: "Do you have any idea how big of harassement sue you just exposed us to?" (we see Tribbey come in and stand behind Sam, unnoticed) "She just -- She works here. Which is more than I can say for either of you." (He writes on the desk cover that he ripped off the guys desk) "You're fired: S. Seaborn."
Guy 1: "Sam I don't know who you think you are around here, but you can't fire us."
Tribbey: "Oh, yes, he can. Leave here, and don't ever come back. It's time for both of you to write your book now."
Saturday Morning
Bartlet is giving his address live, and it's dedicated to women (go Abbey!) and public monuments. She's sitting in the chair next to him. He's going on and on, about monuments dedicated to women. CJ comes in to talk about Ed Barrie, he says to let him do what he wants.
Josh's office, Sam and him are talking about the KKK. He's decided he doesn't want to sue them, but he'll sue the insurance company no problem. The phone rings: "She's on here way." Josh announces and they leave.
We are in the hallway leading to Ainsleys office. She's standing in the doorway of the staircase calling out to who's there. Then the song "And It's surely to his credit" comes on (or a least I think that's what it's called). There has been references to it between Tribbey and Ainsley, a dispute over which musical it comes from. She opens the door to her office and Josh, CJ, Sam and Toby are there. Apparently they did a little decorating, and are signing.